Progressive Sweeping XIV

I have a lot of observations and insights to share today so here we go.

Utah Wild Card?

When I first started to “handicap” the 2022 Senate races I had Utah as a hold for the Republicans and I still think it leans that way. I assume it happens – and it won’t sans some “adventure” – and if it doesn’t it really gets interesting. Incumbent Republican Mike Lee is still the favorite but independent challenger Evan McMullin has the race within the margin of error at this late date. McMullen is a true conservative and former Republican running as an independent and the Utah Democrats wisely cleared the field for him.

McMullin has stated that if elected he does not intend to caucus with either party. (There is a lot there I will leave untouched today.) What happens in the very real possibility that the Senate would then stand 50 Republicans, 49 Democrats and McMullin? McMullin has said that he will address that situation if it occurs (a very smart political answer mid-campaign in a red state).

I think if that scenario comes to pass McMullin will caucus with the Democrats – who would then retain control of the Senate – and be a true swing vote. The Republican party under Trump’s leadership has swung so far to the right that a true and patriotic American conservative is actually more aligned with the Democrats.

Interesting Timing

OPECs next meeting is scheduled for December 4th which is after the American midterm elections. A production increase would only prove that the earlier decrease was among other things aimed at hurting Joe Biden and the Democrats in the midterms. A further production decrease would essentially be Saudi Arabia choosing Russia over the Untied States and declaring economic war. It would certainly hurt the world economy and in my opinion Saudi Arabia.
Long term choosing Russia over the American led West is an economic loser.

PG Grandma

I’m a Saturday Night Live fan although I will admit I increasingly lose things in the generation gaps. If there has ever been a better Speaker of the House than Nancy Pelosi I can’t think of who they were off the top of my head. That all said I have to admit I enjoyed the fun they poked at her for saying, “Pooh-pooh”. I’m willing to bet that grandma is her favorite role in life and it’s important to keep your language PG in that role.

The Global Economy Is On The Ballot In 2022

This is no normal midterm election! Among the things on the ballot are democracy and the global economy. Paul Krugman made one of the most succinct presentations of the latter in a New York Times opinion piece entitled Preparing for Republican Debt Blackmail in Tuesday’s online edition. Here is the link: . In it he both illustrates the harm to the global economy the Republicans will do if they take over either or both chambers of Congress and a way to preempt them if the Democrats have the guts to do it in the lame duck session.

Of course, the simpler solution is for the American voters to save America when they vote this fall.

Booster Hesitation

The other day I got my fifth COVID vaccine shot. Less than 15% of eligible Americans have to date. While numbers are moving in the desired direction at a nice pace of late it is still way too soon to sound the all clear. With a very, very few medical exceptions, in America there is no excuse for dying of COVID. Vaccines are widely available and free. They guarantee that in the relatively rare case that you contract COVID, especially combined early detection and treatment, you will live.

If we simply get vaccinated and don’t engage in high risk behavior – that often includes wearing masks – we will most likely never contract the disease and if we do it probably won’t be a life changing event. Much like saving American democracy and the global economy it all comes down to personal responsibility. (Isn’t that supposed to be a conservative value?)

The Anti-Semitism Is Back On the Surface

I’m old enough to remember when All In The Family premiered. (I’m willing to bet I watched that episode.) The lead character was Archie Bunker who was a right winger all the way. Among Archie’s “values” was his hatred of Jews. I’m certain he would never admit it. In fact, he would point to the fact that the law firm he used was Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz and Rabinowitz – a bunch of Jewish lawyers. I realize the show was fiction but it got laughs for a reason and the writers didn’t chose that name for the law firm by accident. Keep that in mind when you listen to Donald Trump and his MAGA hangers on.

I could certainly go on but I gave you enough to chew on for another day.

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