Progressive Sweeping XIII

There is a lot in danger of not making it off the cutting room floor so let’s go.

A Bridge Too Far

Perhaps the best news I saw in the last few days was the blowing of a huge hole in the bridge from Russia into Crimea. For some time now I’ve suspected that a Ukrainian resistance similar to the French and Polish resistances of World War II existed. This incident cemented that belief for me. The sabotage was both symbolic and strategic. The logistics of the Russian invasion have been a disaster and losing a vital supply route can only exacerbate it.

Read This Article

The Washington Post’s October 7th online edition included a Dana Milbank opinion piece entitled, Think you already know crazy? Meet the House GOP Class of ’22. Here is a link to it.

I read Milbank a lot because he has a knack for making serious points using humor. He outlines several, but far from all, of the GOP 2022 House candidates whose views are terrifying.

Ben Beyond The Surface

It has been leaked that Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse will resign sometime between the mid-term and the end of the year in order to take the job of President of the University of Florida. If you think this happened by accident or sans the intervention of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis perhaps you want to buy stock in Donald Trump’s Truth Social. This is DeSantis’ way of clearing the 2024 GOP field of a potential significant rival for the presidential nod. For Sasse it is a nice, safe, cushy job. Just don’t mess with the football team and you’ll be fine.

Presidential Fashions

I’ve defended Joe Biden’s sunglasses before but when it comes to presidential fashions Ron DeSantis – who very much wants to be president – committed the faux paus of all time in my mind. What was he thinking with those white boots? Ron you’re not getting the late night comic vote no matter how much material you give them.

Even After Decades Of Practice

Newt Gingrich has been a blowhard for decades. He acts pompous and expects that other will be intimidated. A necessary part of Gingrich’s act is telling lies and malarkey. After all of these decades you’d think he’d be good at it. Think again.

In an attempt to defend Hershel Walker, he stated that Hershel would be a great Senator because he had several concussions while playing football. I’ll just leave it there.

GOP Abortion Ban Exception

It appears that the Republicans have finally come up with an abortion ban exception that they can agree on and Hershel Walker made it happen. Abortions are allowed when they save the candidacy of a Republican.

Not Rid Of Him So Soon

The Senate race in Georgia is tight and I’m not convinced it will be over with the November election. I’m certainly hoping there are enough sensible people in the Peach State to have Raphael Warnock on top when the November votes are all counted. However, Georgia still has a Jim Crow relic law in place that says the winner has to have 50%+1 votes. If not, a runoff will be held between the two top finishers. This year that runoff would be on December 6th. There is a third party candidate in the race that may well siphon enough votes away from Warnock to prevent him from getting the 50%+1. If so Hershel will be a “running back” again.

A Hope I Share With A Lot Of Prominent Republicans

The Republicans are running a lot of nutcases in 2022 exclusively because Donald Trump supported them. What’s left of the Republican establishment certainly didn’t want them. They wanted better candidates for the general. In many cases these nutcases won their primaries. Despite what they might say in public, all the 2024 GOP wannabes want the new axiom in the GOP to be: Win (the primary) by The Donald; lose (the general) by The Donald.

Unlike these GOP presidential wannabes, I’m not afraid to take on Trump.

Of Gangs And Militias

In contemporary America a militia is the National Guard. Organizations like the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, et al are just street gangs like the Crypts and the Blood. It’s really that simple.

Don’t Forget About Me

As if Joe Biden didn’t have enough to worry about with a land war in Europe, an adversarial caucus in Congress, a Fed that seems determined to ruin the economy and the other guy; Kim Jung-un in North Korea is feeling left out and ignored. (Maybe Joe could send him a love letter…not really!)

North Korea launched a rocket over Japan. Well, I guess Kim got our attention for a bit anyway.

Insanity Economics Policy Fails…No Surprise Here

Only days after announcing her Thatcher/Reagan economic moves new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss had to back down on them before the pound sterling sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic. Trickle down has never worked despite it being the conservative universal economic panacea. What made Truss think it would work this time?

One To Watch

Friday the United States announced a policy restricting China from access to some chip technologies. We are increasingly in a global economy. I used to get in trouble with some of my union friends over car purchases. They wanted everyone to buy American. The reality is that few companies (especially larger ones) are truly American (or German or English, etc.) anymore. Most are international at least in that they use components from all over the globe. Theoretically this is good in that if we are dependent on each other to do business we are much less likely to engage in military hostilities. It doesn’t always work out that well; just ask Europeans about Russian fossil fuel products.

OK, that’s enough for today. I gave you a lot to think about.

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  1. It always galls me when I hear someone say the “Democrat Party”. Are they just too ignorant to know the various derivations of the word?…or are they being deliberately insulting?

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