Progressive Sweeping X

I knew it wouldn’t take much time to get to installment X in this series and here we are. These are never as complete as I’d like them to be so let’s go.

Another Trumper Squeezed?

If the reporting is correct Steve Bannon will surrender to state authorities in New York today. The charges are related to a fund raising scam he ran against Trump supporters (in his mind useful idiots) which Trump pardoned him for on the federal level.

How many in Trump’s circle can continue to get squeezed until enough of them burst?

A Reliable Source For How Much Longer?

Politico, which I generally consider to be a legitimate and reliable news source, was recently bought by Mathias Dopfner. His stated goal is non-partisan political news. This is the same guy who asked his followers to pray for Trump’s reelection in 2020.

Dopfner may be a lot of things but a middle of the road, fact-based guy is not one of them. Corporate culture starts at the top.

Where’s The Beef?

I’m not the first one to introduce the old Arby’s commercial into a political conversation but it sums up my concern in the case of the empty classified folders. I’m concerned as to the whereabouts of their content.

Who saw the content? Is it stored in other places? Has it been reproduced? Has it been sold? Has it been stolen?

Lot’s of legitimate questions and no answers (public at least) to date. Color me concerned (and that’s gentle language)!

Oh My, What Did Joe Do

The Trump friendly media and his other sycophants went nuts over President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia the other night. They labeled it a cheap political play using federal resources. The lighting had them in an apoplectic fit.

It’s not like he used the White House as a sound stage for portions of his party’s national convention.

The speech was an important warning to a nation under siege from within. It’s not like he held a daily comedy hour about a virus he did the worst job in the world controlling.

Oh, excuse me, those other things actually did happen under the former guy.

2022 right wing motto: When you can’t refute the message; criticize the messenger or his backdrop.

A Purloined Phrase

I don’t know if it’s his originally but I’ll give credit to, Ben Wikler the Wisconsin Democratic Party State Chair, because I heard it from his lips first. In discussing Republican gerrymandering with the ultimate goal of enabling voter nullification he used the phrase, “Voter proof.”
That is the most succinct appraisal of the current Republican effort to take democracy away from the people. If they succeed, we will still have elections (just like Russia) but the ultimate outcome will be controlled by a handful of their puppets.


It was recently reported that an iceberg weighing 110 trillion tons is about to break off. That is 220,000,000,000,000 pounds. Keep in mind, that mass is currently above sea level. I remember Archimedes’ Principle from science and that is a heck of a lot of displacement. Sea level will rise; I simply lack the expertise to say how much but I know this is serious.

Many scientists are predicting this iceberg alone could raise sea level by a foot. That’s a foot that many coastal cities and some small island countries don’t have to spare. Climate change is real and will keep on going whether the Republican Party recognizes its existence and man exacerbating it or not.

That’s a relatively short session for today. If things progress as would be expected Sunday’s article should be a humdinger!

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