Progressive Sweeping VIII

There is much more to cover than I am capable of or have the space for so let’s get right into it.


Trying to keep up with the excuses the right wing is giving for the materials at Mar-a-Lago is an impossible task. The excuses from Trump and his minions are coming faster than most Americans change their underwear (usually once a day) and the tighty whities aren’t exactly inspiring.

Something Good About Trump

Even our worst presidents have given Americans something to be happy about. Until Trump came along W was the least intelligent president of my lifetime and he gave hope to any American kid that despite lack of intelligence they could someday grow up to be president.

Tribalism in today’s politics is an affliction. I have to admit in recent years I’ve found it difficult to find much good in most Republicans. Now, more than ever, I appreciate the few good ones even if it is only on a topic or two (thinking about you Liz). Mostly I feel sorry for the traditional, conservative Republicans who believe in things like lower taxes, less government regulation and a strong national defense. With some of the nutcases the Republicans are running in recent years who do they vote for?

In a strange way Trump has made me appreciate many more Republicans (rank and file, not public office holders) than I have in many years.

If you think America first and Trump second, we can at least talk. Otherwise, I simply refuse to waste my time.

Kid Gloves Treatment

Trump and many of his mouthpieces are constantly complaining about how poorly he has been treated especially in reference to the search warrant service (they call it raid) at Mar-a-Lago. Let’s look at the basic facts. Trump removed items that didn’t belong to him from the White House and took them to Mar-a-Lago. On several occasions he was asked for them back. He refused to completely comply.

If you left a government job and took stuff home with you how long do you think it would take for the government to forcefully retrieve them? I’m also betting they wouldn’t have notified you of the final action.

I spent several years working for one of the largest commercial banks in America. I never took documents home. When I left the bank, I certainly didn’t take any documents with me. The reason is simple: they didn’t belong to me.

I’m Confused?

A 16-year-old Florida girl who was ten weeks pregnant and has an appointed guardian asked Escambia County Circuit court Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz for permission to get an abortion. The girl is still in school, doesn’t have a job and claims the father is unable to offer support. Frydrychowicz ruled that the girl in question is too immature to make the decision to have an abortion.

Now I’m scratching my head. Jane Doe 22-B, as she has been identified in court documents, is too immature to have an abortion but in the judges opinion it is implied that she is mature enough to raise a child sans any visible financial capacity.

To add insult to injury the decision was upheld by a three judge panel who largely based their decision on the fact that Jane Doe 22-B didn’t have her paperwork filled out properly. How about somebody in the chain exercising some sound judgment – they are judges after all -and get Jane help on filling out the paperwork?

Security, Security

They can hug the flag all they want but again the Trumpers have proven themselves to hate government. In the wake of the search warrant service at Mar-a-Lago the radical right has again begun attacking the federal government. Tuesday the IRS issued a network wide security alert in the wake of attacks on “social media” and physical attacks on the FBI.

Backing The Blue?

Continuing on the above theme I’d like to point out another set of right wing lies. The Republicans (the establishment front of the radical right) like to talk about how they are the, “Law and order,” party and they back the blue.

How did they back the Capital and DC Metro police when they attacked them on 1/6?

The IRS is tasked with enforcing our federal tax laws. The far right hasn’t exactly been backing them lately although the entire right including sitting members of Congress who have to know better are busy spreading lies about them.

The FBI, among other things, is tasked with enforcing our espionage laws. When they did recently, they came under physical attack from the radical right.

Oh, and that “Law and order” thing is just a dog whistle for racism. Bubba heard it loud and clear as the message was intended.

OK, I’m stopping here. I’m sickened already!

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