Progressive Sweeping VII

Back-to-back “sweeping days”. I think it’s the first time I have ever done that. Judging by the way American politics is going of late I doubt it will be the last time.

The Return Of Five Digits

I hit the road a bit on Sunday (August 14th) and the number of people not wearing masks was scary. The August 15th number of new COVID-19 cases was below six figures for the first time since June 23rd. 99,832 reported cases is still a heck of a lot of cases! Keep in mind the word “reported”; that is far below reality. The pandemic isn’t over and only fools believe it is. Perhaps that accounts for many of the votes being cast of late.

Hats And Sunglasses

I realize that politicians are getting more casual in recent years and that I’m an old guy; but I have to make a few “fashion comments”.
Joe Biden has made several recent appearances wearing sunglasses. He, like I, has blue eyes which are not the best in the sun. (I think I finally convinced my brown eyed wife of that.) Globally 8-10 % of the population has blue eyes while 70-79% have brown eyes. (In America, with its huge white population, the numbers are 27% and 45%.)

In the past I have criticized Donald Trump for wearing a snapback hat. Perhaps he is trying to make up for inferior hair. That still doesn’t excuse a man who claims to be very rich from wearing a one size fits all instead of properly sized hat.

Taking Advantage Of The Fools

Politicians, especially Republicans, always talk about how smart the American voters are when much of their strategy is based on taking advantage of their stupidity and/or political ignorance. That is clearer than ever this primary season where Republican primary voters are more often than not voting for Trump backed candidates whose platforms call for them to negate the future voting results if they don’t like them. Their real message is: Vote for me and I’ll cancel out your future votes.

I’ll allow you to pause to scratch your head before we move on to the next section.

Trump In 2024?

If the Republican presidential primaries were held today Donald Trump would win. The majority of GOP voters actually want to give him the opportunity to lose the popular vote three times in a row. From a purely practical standpoint it’s time for a “pinch hitter”.
The Republicans running Trump in ’24 and getting shellacked including down ballot is the best-case scenario for America and the resurrection of the GOP. The question is do we want to roll those dice?

Substance Test Paul

I’m not going to try to cover the entire Mar-a-Lago scandal today but I want to make a quick comment on one aspect of it. The Justice Department is exploring whether to seek an indictment of Donald Trump on three felony violations of the Espionage Laws. So, what does the junior senator from Kentucky, Republican Rand Paul, do? He calls for the immediate repeal of those laws.

OK Rand, so you are actually questioning why America would have laws making spying on it and giving away or selling state secrets a crime? One of us has a problem and I know I’m not operating under the influence of any controlled mind-altering substances.

Betting On Fani and Tish

Trump has to feel like he is in dodgeball game and he is the only one without a ball. The proverbial walls are closing in and I’m betting Fani Willis or Tish James will be the first to get him. (I will admit the reader/drama fan in me wants the irony of a Black woman finally “slaying” the racist misogynist.)

Trump’s deposition in New York will come back to haunt him and in Georgia it seems like every lawyer and supporter of his is getting deeper in trouble with each passing day. Sooner or later one of his minions will be as loyal to him as he has been to them and then the floodgates will open. While there are a lot of people with “dodgeballs” in their hands Willis and James have the best openings at this point.

An American Loss

I’ll close on a somber note. Author David McCullough died earlier this month. Among his many works was Truman (which is on the recommended reading list). It was one of the books that has had the greatest impact on me and cemented Harry Truman as one of my political heroes.

Well, that’s it for now but the cutting room floor is still cluttered.

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  1. Whenever I hear a politician (or operative) talk about how smart the American people are, my estimation of that person is immediately undermined.

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