Progressive Sweeping VI

Today’s version of progressive sweeping will be a bit more opinionated and snarkier than usual. It should be more entertaining in addition to being informative.


Today Wyoming voters head to the polls and the national spotlight race is the Republican primary for the House of Representatives in Wyoming. It appears that Liz Cheney will go down. Normally that would be cause for celebration in progressive circles. I disagree with almost every vote Cheney casts in the lower chamber but she has shown courage in taking on Donald Trump and in the process trying to save the Republican party, seemingly, from itself.

The pollsters and pundits occasionally get surprised, but most expect Cheney to go down to a Trump backed challenger. So, at least in the immediate future, losing Cheney will actually be bad for America. A Democrat winning statewide office in Wyoming in 2022 would be a monumental upset so her replacement will be much worse. Although I almost always disagree with her, I do think Cheney cares about America and American democracy.

Liz for President in ’28?

A New Truism?

We’ve all heard the expression “Sober as a judge.” Today we might want to replace it with: Sober as a judge not named Brett. “I like beer!”

It Was Me, I Said So

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, it won’t be long before the good shows up. I wonder how many sitting Republican members of Congress will try to take credit for the good? It wouldn’t be the first time. Remember the Act passed both chambers without a single GOP vote.

I Wasn’t Me. I Said So

Iran has denied any involvement in the attempted murder of author Salman Rushdie. All they did was put a price on his head. What involvement could that be?

It really isn’t very different from the actions of the American far right including the right wing media. You have to assume Dr. George Tiller would still be alive today and providing health care services to women if Fox News had not allowed Bill O’Reilly to repeatedly call him, “Tiller the baby killer.” Oh, but Bill may have been distracted because he was drunk or plotting his next sexual harassment incident; perhaps both.

Would we still be talking about 1/6 if Donald Trump and some of his henchmen hadn’t incited the crowd?

Personal responsibility; what a concept. We know from multiple recent Republican administrations that considering the repercussions of your actions is beyond their ability.

To Boot

In a recent Senate hearing Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas pounded his boot on the table. I’m showing my age but I couldn’t help but think of Nikita Khrushchev. While it does snow in Washington it doesn’t snow in August. Then again, if I were a Texas Republican, I might want to wear boots because something of a different hue was getting deep. In fact, you might want to consider waders when listening to recordings of yourself Ted.

Live In Dallas

CPAC – a more accurate explanation of the acronym is the Crazy Political Action Committee – held one of its big gatherings in Dallas recently. (They are more than annual which tells me they are money makers.) Hungarian autocrat, Viktor Orban, was the warm up act for Donald Trump. Yes, crazy does seem darn accurate and the American flags were very much out of place.

Disbarred And Jailed Lawyers

It just goes from bad to worse. It has been revealed that a Trump lawyer(s) signed a document swearing that Trump had returned all classified documents from Mar-a-Lago prior to the service of the search warrant which produced at least 11 sets of classified documents.

Several Trump lawyers are already facing disciplinary actions including suspension of their law licenses. Disbarments and incarcerations can’t be far behind. Trump has a history of not paying lawyers do these fools actually think he is going to save them?

Sticking With Lawyers For A Bit

This one didn’t get much ink but it just proves how stupid most Trump’s lawyers are. John Eastman billed the Trump campaign $270,000. He didn’t get paid. Are you surprised? I’m not. Later he billed Trump directly. How did that work out for you John?

But Obama!

All good lies have a grain of truth to them. Such is the case with one of the latest right wing defenses of Trump visa vie Mar-a-Lago. The rhetoric is that Obama took some massive number of things from the White House and they are now in Chicago.

There is a large amount of material taken from Obama’s time in the White House that is currently in Chicago. That is where the truth ends. Obama didn’t take them. He turned them over to the National Archives (in compliance with the law) and the National Archives decided to store them in a facility they control which happens to be located in Chicago.

They are under the control of the National Achieves not Obama’s and they are certainly not in the basement of his house. Huge differences!

Trumpers – if you are going to be liars at least display some talent at it.

When The Sheep Stop Following?

Alex Jones finally appears to be “getting his”. Jones is just another who substitutes volume for substance in the fact free zone that is today’s American far right. He’ll probably go along for a bit more turning every legal loss (dare I say embarrassment) into another scam. Eventually I expect him to fly the coop and visit his money in some far away tax haven.

The Joneses of the world are both abundant and replaceable. Real change will happen when the sheep (you might call them useful idiots) stop following. That has to happen eventually; or at least I hope so for democracy’s sake.

That’s enough for today but I’m far from done; expect more very soon.

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