Progressive Sweeping V

Today is another of those days I’d like to say a little about a lot of things. Please continue reading I guarantee some if not all of it will interest you.

The Answer Is Simple

One of the big political parlor games is whether the Justice Department should indict Donald Trump considering he is an ex-president and almost undoubtedly will be a candidate again.

The answer in one succinct word is an emphatic YES!

I’m not rushing the Justice Department. I realize a court of law and the court of public opinion are two different things. Take the time to build a bulletproof case.

The charges will stem from Trump’s deliberate attempt to subvert a democratic election. We cannot allow that act to go unpunished for history has taught us that if we do something similar but much worse will occur in the future. This was no different than Pearl Harbor. It was a direct and purposeful attack on America and has to be treated as such.

America First Unless It Costs Him Money

Donald Trump is supporting the new Saudi funded golf tour. Two events are slated to take place at Trump golf courses. So much for America First; that was stolen from past campaigns and was always just another lie. The new tour is a direct threat to the PGA, which is American. Of course, the PGA had the integrity to relocate a Trump hosted event in the wake of 1/6. You connect the dots; it won’t take a lot of effort on your part.

A Reaction To The Stench

Multiple key Democrats are calling for the investigation into the Secret Service be moved from the DHS Inspector General. Both he and the Secret Service Director are Trump holdovers and loyalists. Moving the investigation to someone who is not involved just make good old-fashioned horse sense and if these guys had any integrity, they would be recusing themselves.


Emails have surfaced of Trump operatives calling the fake electors just that. These geniuses put their dirty deeds in writing and told the truth when they thought (were they every stupid!) that it was just between and among themselves.

Trump: Only the best. Lol!

In Perspective

The right wing loves to paint the left as a bunch of anti-business thugs who just destroy America. (I stole the following data points from Paul Krugman.) There was much made of the overwhelmingly peaceful BLM protests. There was some violence and destruction and I will not excuse any of it! The cost estimate is wide – because estimating such things is difficult – but it is put at between $1 and 2 billion.

Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott pulled a stunt disrupting border traffic for a few days and that cost the economy an estimate $4 billion.

While I will not justify any violence in the cause of advancing equality, the impact of Abbott’s play to Bubba’s prejudices stunt cost was both totally unnecessary and cost the economy somewhere between 2 and 4 times as much. Ponder that for a minute.

Russia Alone

Russia has served notice that it will pull out of the International Space Station deal in 2024. They say they will go it alone. Hey Vlad, if in fact you do try to go it alone how many Russian people are you going to starve to do it? The bottom line is simple: the Russian economy simply isn’t large enough to finance a project of this size on its own. Not and maintain it’s standard of living anyway.

A Few Days Of Fame

Pennsylvania Republican House member Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania  is an obscure back bencher. I’m a political nerd and had to look up if he spelled his first name with one “n” or two. On Tuesday, July 17th he fell in line with his GOP colleagues and voted against the Respect for Marriage Act which, if enacted, will codify same-sex marriage. On Friday July 22nd he attended the marriage of his son to another man. I’ll let you take it from there.

Multiple Wrongs

Republican candidate for New York Governor and current House member Lee Zeldin was speaking in the Rochester, New York area a few days back when he was attacked by a man armed with a key chain. Zeldin was unharmed and the man was arrested. Attacking Zeldin or any other political candidate is wrong! Plain and simple.

In the immediate aftermath Zeldin used the incident to attack New York’s (in his opinion) lenient bail laws. Conveniently the perpetrator was released on low bond. That made a compelling story on right wing media outlets including Fox News.

The right wing media falsely said that the perpetrator had been charged with a felony. He was not but it made for a juicier story; right wing outlets consider facts just to be annoying inconveniences. The office that made the charging decisions -and charging greatly influences the bails judges will set – happens to be controlled by a Republican who is also a huge Zeldin supporter. In fact, she was at the rally in question. She claims she had nothing to do with the charging decision that it was handled by her staff. I’ll let you take if from there.

No Forced Births

I believe that giving birth should be a choice of the person doing so not adjudicated or legislated.

I’ll leave it at that for today.

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  1. It has long been my opinion that Nixon’s pardon opened the door for someone like Trump. And, by the way, there are a whole lot of things beyond 1/6 for which Trump should be prosecuted.

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