Progressive Sweeping LXXXI

As is my practice I am writing this at least the day prior to publication. While I await the election results from France, I figured I’d do some catching up for my readers. Here we go.

That Bad Biden Economy

The June jobs numbers came out and again the economy added jobs; 206,000 of them.

The Bad Biden Economy Part II June Edition

June’s wage growth was 3.9%. That is higher than at any time in 2019. If you remember the “economic genius” Donald Trump was president that year and COVID had yet to strike America.

The Bad Biden Economy Part III May Edition

The May year-to-year inflation number was 2.6%. Consider that for decades the goal number has been 2%. Then consider that many contemporary economists feel the goal should be moved up to 3%.

An Endorsement Of Significance

Although a labor related rumor I picked up in Florida still disturbs me, I found it significant that the AFL-CIO endorsed Joe Biden post the debate debacle.

Another Baseball Analogy

Joe Biden looked bad when he entered the stage on debate night, even before a word was uttered. If you know what to look for, sometimes when you watch a starter warm up prior to the game you know he is not going to have a good night. He still may well win 20 for you that season.


How many misspeaks does it take to equal a zombie lie? Consider that when you evaluate the 2024 Biden-Trump debate.

A Way Too Early Recap

When it is all said and done will we look back and say that if the race is all about Trump, Biden will have won or vice versa? I think there is a good chance of that being the case.

Peaking Too Soon

In basketball we always told our kids they needed to be playing at their best entering the playoffs. Based in large part on Biden’s poor debate performance, Trump seems to be at his potential peak. If so, it’s way too soon.

The Group To Watch

Watch the so-called double haters. Those who dislike both Biden and Trump. They are the true persuadables and motivateables of 2024. I don’t feel they will break for Trump; therefore, if they break for Biden versus staying home or waste their votes by casting them for third party candidates doomed to losing, Biden will win the election. That is the exit polling (assuming it will exist) I will be most interested in.


The UK held elections last week and Labour (the rough equivalent of America’s Democrats) returned to power in a landslide, not a Trump version but a real landslide. Could it be that after many years of rule by an increasingly right wing party and a failed Brexit experiment the voters are learning their lesson?

That Strange Period

The Justice Department answered a question the other day. Should Trump win the 2024 election they would still pursue his federal prosecutions until Inauguration Day when his people would take over and presumably kill all the cases.

More Trump Allies Bite The Dust

Over the past week Steve Bannon reported to prison and Rudi Giuliani was disbarred in New York State.

You Have To Wonder Why

Republican Representative Victoria Spartz of Indiana was charged with a weapons violation at Dulles Airport when she tried to board a plane with a gun. At $174,000 a year and as an experienced flyer you would think she could read and comply with the rules.

Not An Accepted Religion?

A Kentucky judge threw out a challenge filed by three Jewish mothers to Kentucky’s abortion laws. The challenge was based on their religious freedom and beliefs. Like I have long said the far right in America only recognizes certain select religions.

More Religious Freedom?

The Oklahoma state superintendent of schools, Ryan Walters, ordered all schools in his state to teach the Bible including the Ten Commandments. The order is obviously unconstitutional but the illegality is the point. With what they view as a sympathetic and unchecked Supreme Court majority they invite the lawsuits. They literally have nothing to lose (except your tax dollars).

It Won’t Be Over In Early November

My biggest fear is not Election Day (although I expect increased voter intimidation on that day – VOTE EARLY IF YOU ARE ALLOWED TO!) it is the post-election shenanigans. Since 2020 county level election officials have attempted to not certify election results. This has happened among other places in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Is this just a preview? I fear it is.

Coming Attractions

Project 2025 has gotten a lot of press of late. When Donald Trump denied that he knew anything about it I realized that it was both very real and an omen of Trump’s actions were he to be returned to the Oval Office (which right now I put at about a 50-50 count toss). I plan on reading its published part (over 900 pages) in its entirety over the next few days. An article(s) will follow.

OK, that’s enough for today I have a lot of reading to do.

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