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I knew one article would be woefully insufficient. Two certainly won’t do the trick but it will improve upon yesterday’s performance.

Mask Madness

Several red states (including my home state of North Carolina where the Republicans have super majorities in both chambers of the state’s General Assembly) are attempting to make the wearing of masks illegal often without exceptions for health or religious reasons.

One of the results of the pandemic I was hoping would take place in American society is that, as in other cultures, Americans would start wearing masks in public when they had colds. I do believe that we have a moral obligation to protect others. Some people have medical needs to wear masks in public (i.e. compromised immune systems).
The same right wing that is spurring this movement argues for religious freedom even when that infringes on the rights of other. Some religions call for face coverings. If you want religious freedom, it can’t just apply to your cause’s preferred religion(s).

Lastly, I can think of few things that are more pro-life than wearing masks to prevent the spread of disease. I contend that this is but another example of the health hazard Republican present.


Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene offered an amendment that would have cut off American funding of NATO on the 80th anniversary of D-Day. It failed but the scary part is that 45 of her colleagues voted with her.

An Omen?

I am among the many who did not view the Brexit vote as an omen for Donald Trump’s narrow victory in 2016. I still would bet on Biden if I had to wager today but the recent European parliamentary elections give me some pause. Extreme right wing candidates performed better than expected in both France and Germany. Take it seriously but not as an inevitability.


Trump and his minions have been running around saying that all his prosecutions are politically motivated and that Joe Biden controls the justice process. If that is true, he is doing a lousy job. The Justice Department obtained a felony conviction of his only living son.

Trump’s New Buddy

Chuck Zito, the co-founder of the New York chapter of the Hell’s Angels, who spent 6 years in prison on drug conspiracy charges, is Donald Trump’s latest stage companion at rallies.

The Debate Intro That Won’t Happen

It’s Tuesday morning as I pen this and I still have some reservations as to whether Thursday’s scheduled debate will take place. That said I think a fair way to introduce the participants is, the felon from Florida and the dad from Delaware. In truth Biden’s biggest fault it his unconditional love of his kids.

A Telling Slip

In a comment during a recent court proceeding, we learned that there is an open federal investigation into the post-election shenanigans in Michigan. Can this be the only ongoing investigation that is not public knowledge?

American History – Right Wing Style

The American right wing is busy trying to take over public education – when they aren’t busy trying to divert its funds to their indoctrination centers – with the goal of producing more temporarily useful idiots. The largest part of the brainwashing is in history where they are basically nullifying the Civil War. Heck, they don’t even call it that.

Setback In Nevada

A judge ruled that prosecutors filed a case against the fake electors in the wrong jurisdiction and therefore dismissed the charges. Prosecutors are appealing. In any event, this constitutes at least a temporary victory for the Trump forces. Justice delayed means more Trump voters. Since Nevada is a true battleground state this matters.

Is That The Best You Can Get Vlad?

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a mutual support agreement with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. I have to think this is more window dressing than substance. North Korea is not exactly a world power.

Not Progressive, It’s Practical

I choose not to use marijuana but I still think we lock up way too many people on minor marijuana charges especially considering that many (and perhaps the majority) of American adults use it. Maryland Governor Wes Moore is in the process of pardoning over 100,000 people convicted of minor marijuana related crimes. This is simply recognizing where our society is and not wasting state resources. I could make even more of a case in support of the governor’s actions but I trust the preceding is sufficient for now.

Another Head Scratcher

Trump called Milwaukee a “Horrible city” recently. Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city and Wisconsin is a battleground state. The Republican will hold their convention in Milwaukee next month. Trump controls the RNC and he effectively chose the host city. I can’t figure this one out.

Only For The Moment

The Supreme Court, in what too many on the left are considering a win, upheld the legality of mifepristone. They did not rule on the substance of the matter. They simply rejected the plaintiff’s case on standing. If it is a win, it is only temporary. I expect another right wing challenge(s). It is also another punt by the Court. Why did we have to wait for this “decision”?

Watch What They Did

Republicans are talking a good game when it comes to in vitro fertilization (IVF) but their actions are a much different story. Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have protected the process earlier this month. If there is something more pro-life than IVF, I’d like to know what it is.

Biden’s “Bad” Economy

May’s numbers showed both hiring and wages up while inflation (still a problem) cooled a tad. I’ll let the number speak for themselves.

Well, the cutting room floor is still littered but two consecutive days is enough. It will be on to a different format tomorrow.

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