Progressive Sweeping LXXVII

To a large degree today’s will be a different sort of “sweeping” article in that much will be my opinions/observations as opposed to current events comments. I’m anxious to begin and hope you will read along.


The original Pledge of Allegiance did not contain the phrase “under God”. It only came into being in 1954 as part of the post-World War II Red Scare.

The phrase “In God We Trust” was first added to our currency -and then only the 2-cent coin (seen any of those lately) – in 1864 as part of the Civil War reaction. It didn’t make it to the dollar bill until 1957.

As violations of the First Amendment both are unconstitutional. Do you think there is an elected official, of either party, in Washington who is bold enough to challenge that? I don’t.

Punctuation Dilemma

Black Lives Matter should be a statement followed by a period if not an exclamation point. To too many it is a question which is preceded by a “Do” in their minds and the answer they come up with is an emphatic “No”. Until that is resolved – and it never should have been a problem in the first place – we will not progress as a democracy.

My Verbiage Dilemma Part I

I need to find the appropriate word to describe right wing “thinking” which I too often call reasoning. To call that mental process reasoning is an abuse of the English language.

My Verbiage Dilemma Part II

This one I’ve resolved. In the future I will make more accurate use of the word “conservatives” when describing radical right wingers. They are not conservative. Conservatism is a legitimate political philosophy that I respect even if I don’t subscribe to it. In this column these people will be referred to as reactionaries which is much, much more accurate.

I’ve often stated that the words “conservative” and “crazy” are not synonyms. To that I will add that conservatives don’t kill cops. Confused? Think 1/6.

Guidance To The Six

By “the six” I mean the six Republican Supreme Court justices. And yes, they are partisan Republicans! You profess to love the Constitution. Your jobs are to interpret it and defend it. Haven’t you proven that defending it is impossible when you are urinating on it?

The Illegality Is The Point

If you watch state government – and that’s not this column’s main thrust – at first glance you will be confused when red state legislatures pass obviously unconstitutional laws. The illegality is the point. They want to pass these laws in hope of a lawsuit that will make its way to the Court and at least five of the six will rule in their favor.

That puts the citizens in a dilemma. Do they file suit to protect their rights under the law only to facilitate an abuse of that same law?

It’s Here

Another example of the effect of climate change is becoming more apparent mainly in Florida at this point. With sea level rise the groundwater is rising which in turn renders septic systems useless. Toilets don’t flush and backyards are not that pleasant to put it politely.

That reminds me of the old joke about a flood: let it rain for 40 days and 40 nights and the sewers will back up. Sorry, that at least bordered on being in bad taste. (Certainly, no pun intended!)

If Creative Sentences Were Legal

Assuming he is found guilty of a criminal offense(s) (and that is an assumption at this point, not a guarantee) I think an appropriate sentence would be for Donald Trump to be made to build a wall. In his physical condition that might be a death sentence or at least cruel and unusual punishment. But you have to love the poetic justice.

One Last Potty Joke

It was reported that North Korea is sending balloons with feces filled baskets over the border into South Korea. I must admit that the teenage boy that will always reside in supposedly grown men sees humor in that. North Korea is a dictatorship where nothing of that magnitude happens without the consent of the leader. Remember North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un is one of Trump’s role models. Is that world class leadership?

If nothing else that allowed me to get a few things off my chest and clean out my notes a bit.

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