Progressive Sweeping LXXVI

I’ll never cover all that I should but let’s give it a whirl.

Saddam Trump?

One of the last things Saddam Hussein did in a desperate bid to retain power was release criminals from prisons. Donald Trump has long hinted that he would pardon the incarcerated January 6th domestic terrorists. This past weekend he promised the Libertarian convention that he would pardon Ross Ulbricht a/k/a Dread Pirate Roberts who is serving a sentence for facilitating drug dealing that resulted in at least six fatalities.

A Republican Supreme Court

North Carolina elects its state Supreme Court justices in partisan elections and the current Court is controlled by the Republicans. In a recent ruling the Democratic justices (who are in the minority anyway) recused themselves and the remaining Republican voted unanimously to hold those falsely accusing others of voter fraud immune from liability. They did this citing absolute immunity as their reasoning. I’ll let my readers take it from there.

Proxy Wars As Scrimmages

Some American weapons have been successfully rendered useless by Russian countermeasures in Ukraine. In part proxy wars serve as scrimmages much where weapons are tested in laboratory like conditions. That is not that different from how coaches test an offense or defense in a scrimmage not a game.

Pressure Increasing On Netanyahu

In my mind it is important to differentiate between Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The international courts are joining the pressure on Netanyahu personally not the state of Israel defending itself and its democracy. There is a huge difference!

Leadership In Louisiana?

One of the most frustrating things for me to hear is when Americans say there is no difference between the two major political parties. That is what they sincerely believe but it is malarkey! Democrats and agencies controlled by them are working to remove marijuana from the same classification as heroin and other hard drugs.
In Louisiana the Republicans are making abortion pills a controlled substance. Again, I’ll just leave it there.

The Partisan Supreme Court

I’ll say partisan because I refuse to believe the Republican (and that is what they are) justices are actually as stupid as the “reasoning” they give. In a 6-3 decision – and I won’t waste the space breaking down the individual votes – the Court ruled that the disputed gerrymandered maps in South Carolina could stand. Their reasoning is that it is constitutional for a state to gerrymander along political lines but not racial lines. Can someone explain the difference when it comes to a state like South Carolina in 2024?

Falling In Line

In a move that certainly didn’t surprise me, Nikki Haley announced she would be voting for Donald Trump. There is an old political adage that says Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line. Haley joined the likes of Bill Barr who claim that Trump is all these negative things but they intend to vote for him anyway. While – and in the case of Haley in direct contradiction to Trump’s statements – they have to know the doors are shut for them in a possible second Trump administration they don’t want to chance reprisals if that should occur. Falling in line willfully or out of fear; the net difference is the same. If they are really that scared, silence is an option.

Red Flags?

Justice Samuel Alito, along with Clarence Thomas, aren’t even trying to appear neutral. In the last week at least two instances of Alito flying flags other than the American flag properly displayed over his residence have been made public. I could write chapters if not books on why both should be removed from office, but this format doesn’t allow for that.

I’ll let Alito slide on his beer stock transactions. He could have been simply anticipating a market shift when the right wing decided to boycott Bud Light. (Right wingers it’s OK to buy Bud Light again. Trump said so in reaction to a large donation.)

I do have a question: Did Alito get his investment advice from Brett “I Like Beer” Kavanaugh?

I’m not a big fan of court packing but should Biden remain in office and the Democrats hold the Senate, especially with Sinema gone, I’d certainly consider it. I’d call it expanding which a legitimate case can be made for.

It Doesn’t Show Signs Of Stopping

Satellites have picked up that Russia is building a nuclear facility in Belarus. For those who think that Putin will stop if we just give him Crimea and a buffer zone, I think you’ve been proven naïve if not insane.

Wrong State

A meat packing facility in Iowa was fined $650,000 for employing children in its cleanup crew. They should relocate to Arkansas where under the leadership of Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders child labor is legal and encouraged. Another proud Trump supporter making America great again?

Tom Cotton

With the presidential nominations wrapped up so early the parlor game has become predicting the Republican Veep pick. The latest supposed favorite is Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton. I say it won’t happen for two reasons, neither of which should matter. At 6’5” Cotton is taller than Trump – Trump won’t like the optics. Cotton is also lean which will make Trump look even fatter than he is, again Trump won’t like the optics.

Did We Get The Bumper Sticker?

One saying in politics is that you have to reduce your message to something that will fit on a bumper sticker. George Conway may have just done that for the Biden campaign. (Although he put it on a billboard.) It read: “Vote For Joe Not The Psycho”.

I can’t top that so I’m out for today.

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