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If my goal was to completely clean out my notes, I am destined to fail but let’s see how much I can cover today without getting you to your point of disinterest.

A Fictional Pardon

Donald Trump is pledging to pardon the January 6th domestic terrorists. In an American political era not that long ago that alone would tank a presidential campaign. Can you imagine if Joe Biden pledged to pardon Robert Menendez if he is convicted? I’ll let you take it from there.

It’s Still All About The Con

I have long described the Trump “machine” as an organized criminal enterprise. We saw another example of that last week. His daughter-in-law Laura, who he placed in command of the RNC – and thereby in control of its money – made her first appearance at his trial last week along with her husband Eric and several prominent Republicans auditioning for the Veep slot. They actually made a fundraising video in the halls of the courthouse that ended with a walk-on cameo appearance by the great con man himself.

A Few Days Earlier

On Tuesday of last week Speaker of the House Mike Johnson spent about a minute inside the courtroom and then exited to do a little speech for the assembled outdoor cameras. In a case of, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, Johnson’s spiel was basically a carbon copy/preview of all the others. In other words, lies that Trump is prevented from saying by the gag order.

Another Truth Spoken On TV

Recently Nicole Wallace quipped that Trump, “…couldn’t adopt a dog from a shelter.” It was not that long ago that my wife and I adopted our dog and the background check was much more extensive than I had anticipated.

Finally Served

Arizona finally served Rudy Giuliani at a birthday party for him. It’s not like he didn’t know it was coming. Hours earlier he bragged of how he was actively dodging it. The law-and-order people? Unless you count the dog whistle I think not!

Another Biden Economic Report

Unlike our immediate past president, I’m not economically ignorant and therefore don’t think the Dow is the true measure of the American economy; he does and bragged about it all the time. Now the shoe is firmly on the other foot. Last week the Dow closed above 40,000 for the first time ever.

I Told You

When it happened, I told my readers that RFK, Jr. selected his running mate for her money not her policy or voter getting ability. Last week he tapped her for another $8 million bringing the total to around $15 million.

Don’t Count Doug Out

Until last week I had largely discounted North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s chance of being named Trump’s VP. Burgum is still auditioning and you can’t discount that he has two factors Trump wants in a pick: he is shorter than Trump and he has a ton of money. I wouldn’t guarantee it but I feel Trump (who has most likely already made his preliminary decision) will pick a white male. A female would be the wiser political choice but we are talking Trump.

Whose Crime Family?

Serbia just sunk a ton of money into a hotel complex project headed by Boy Blunder, Trump son-in-law and former Senior White House Official under then-President Trump, Jared Kushner. Kushner is in partnership on this project with Richard Grenell who was another Trump administration toady. Of course, you have to view this in the context of the fact that the money backing Kushner is Saudi money.

Don’t Be Fooled

On the assumptions that Trump loses in 2024 and the Republicans take back the Republican Party thereafter, there will be a crowded race to become the 2028 nominee. That race will feature a lot of wolves trying to don sheep’s clothing. One of them will be current Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin will try to portray himself as a reasonable, if somewhat conservative, moderate. He is far from that! Last week he vetoed several bills among them ones that would ensure access to contraceptives and close tax loopholes that benefit confederate organizations.

In reference to the above, why do we honor people who fought AGAINST America and to preserve slavery?

I was going to go on but that last point just angered me too much.

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