Progressive Sweeping LXXIX

To say I have some catching up to do is an understatement. Sweeping; I need a bulldozer and I’d still get an incomplete!

A Pillar And Actions

One of my pet theories is that the modern GOP is held up by three pillars. Among them is the promotion of ignorance. It’s simple, the less you know and the lower your critical thinking ability the more likely you are to vote for Republicans.

Outright lies along with facts taken far out of context as to distort their meaning in an effort to exploit the intended recipients’ ignorance dominate right wing rhetoric and mythology. Is it any wonder the Republicans lead the effort to ban books?

Selective Backing Of The Blue

Two then-Capital Hill officers present on January 6th were guests of the Pennsylvania Legislature in Harrisburg on June 5th. When introduced they were booed by the Republicans several of whom walked out. Perhaps more than a coincidence both officers were non-white.

In truth today’s Republicans only back the blue when they are on their side and especially if it is a blue on Black situation. Law and order or dog whistles, lies and hypocrisy?

Sticking With Crime For A Bit

FACT: Violent crime in America was higher in 2020 (despite GOP efforts to ignore the it, Donald Trump was president that entire year) than at any point in the Biden administration. Just saying.

No Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry is one of America’s earliest heroes. He famous stated, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Recently Steve Bannon (convicted felon and close Trump associate) while speaking to at a right wing gathering utter the following Henry paraphrase, “Victory or death.” In my opinion he missed the mark!

Louisiana And The Court

Republican controlled Louisiana passed a law requiring all schools in the state receiving state dollars to post a copy of the Ten Commandments in every classroom. This includes colleges. The law is clearly a violation of the First Amendment and is therefore unconstitutional by the letter and intent of the law.

Within hours four legal challenges were filed. The illegality of the law is its point. Forces who desire a white Christian nation want test cases to go to the Supreme Court who they feel will rule in their favor. They have nothing to lose. If the decision goes their way they win; if it doesn’t nothing changes and they live to try again another day. They wrap themselves in the cloak of religious freedom. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion which very much includes freedom from religion. In fact, it begins with the words, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment state religion”.

If you want to live in a religious nation, may I suggest moving to Iran.

I pen this as we await several Court decisions. I put nothing past this Court. Recently Associate Justice Alito was caught on tape admitting that he seeks a Christian nation. How many others will follow his lead? America is and always has been a secular nation. The extreme right wing has no respect and in fact has distain for America and what it actually stands for. Until we solve the problem that the current Court represents, we will not be secure.

A Court Decision I Support, But

With ample cause I often criticize the Court. In my absence they announced a decision (8-1 with Clarence Thomas dissenting) I agree with. They upheld the right, albeit somewhat limited, of law enforcement to take away the firearms of domestic violence offenders. Having spent a decade on the Board of a non-profit whose primary mission was to combat domestic violence I know the dangers of armed offenders.

The Court also declared unconstitutional the Trump directive banning bump stocks which turn a semi automatic rifle into a machine gun. They effectively negated one of the few moments of sanity during the Trump administration. I guess when all else fails the right wing can depend on today’s Court.

The Truth By Party

While arguing a gerrymandering case the North Carolina Republican actually asserted that the people have no right to fair elections. Clearly they are the anti-democracy and anti-American party.

The Truth From Trump

Donald Trump is a notorious liar but he actually uttered a truth during a recent campaign event in Las Vegas when he told the crowd, “I don’t care about you. I just want your vote.” Translation: You are just a temporarily useful idiot.

Two Or Three More

Should Trump be returned to the White House I suspect he will have two or three more Court appointments. Alito and Thomas will retire. I also suspect Trump will pressure Chief Justice John Roberts to do the same. Robert has no control over this group and Trump will certainly deem him insufficiently loyal.

I could see Aileen Cannon rewarded with an appointment and if the Republicans control the Senate they will simply act as a rubber stamp for the boss they fear. If Robert goes, I see Trump promoting Neil Gorsuch the most loyal of the original Trump Trio. A nine justice Court of whom Trump has selected six?

Way To Go Joe!

President Biden ordered a change in immigration policy that would grant a path to citizenship to the undocumented who are married to a citizen. Sounds like a pro-family and common sense solution to me.

Contrasting Two Republicans

Abraham Lincoln famously comprised a team of well qualified rivals as his Cabinet. By contrast Trump is promising a team of fellow felons if returned to the Oval Office. You connect those dots.

A Boyhood Hero Passes

Most regular readers know I’m a Tampa Bay Rays fan. (I got to see them play at the Trop earlier this month.) I grew up in a non-major league city and was a Giants fan in my youth. One of my boyhood heroes was Willie Mays. I found it especially interesting that he passed on Juneteenth Eve. Was he the greatest player ever? We can argue that point but he is undoubtedly and deservedly in the discussion.

That’s enough for today but not nearly enough to catch up.

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