Progressive Sweeping LXXIII

A lot is pending and I have a lot to say, so let’s go.

The Craziest – A Nomination

Which state Republican Party will field the craziest candidates this fall? That is a question yet to be answered but I’d like to offer North Carolina. The GOP gubernatorial candidate (the primary is long over and he won handily) has proposed that African-Americans owe reparations for slavery. That is not a typo; you read it correctly. He maintains that the descendants of slaves owe for the vocational training their enslaved ancestors received.

I remember the good old days when I questioned the policies of people I didn’t vote for. Now I have to question their sanity.

Age Of Consent

The 1864 abortion law Arizona is currently operating under set the age of consent at 10. Just stating a fact.

A Second Chance Wasn’t Enough

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, Arizona Republicans are still defending the 1864 abortion law. A second measure to amend the law was introduced in the Arizona Legislature only to have the Republicans defeat it.

Watch what they do and largely ignore what they say.

Arizona Voters Have An Opportunity

In addition to the presidential and Senate races in Arizona this November a choice measure will be on the ballot. I expect things to be close but especially with that measure on the ballot I like Joe Biden’s and Ruben Gallego’s chances bettered than ever.

Jobs And Joe

This one has been in the “file” for a bit now but earlier this month the March jobs numbers came in and for the 39th straight month the number was a net gain.

Ladies Man?

Donald Trump has in my opinion an unjustifiably high opinion of himself including with the ladies. He claims credit for the overturning of Roe (which seems more than somewhat accurate). We have already seen the repercussion of that endanger women. Could we now justify calling Trump a lady killer?

Really Tim?

Michigan Republican Representative Tim Walberg recently suggested that Gaza be nuked as a solution to the current problem.  The situation is complex and a lot of well intentioned people are offering a variety of paths to take toward a solution. Walberg’s is just pure insanity.

Russpublicans “Ambassadors”

Recently both Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance and Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene have repeated Russian falsehoods on the floor of their respective chambers. Vance actually has the benefit of a quality college education; Greene has an excuse in that department. Both are either guilty of un-American activity and/or just plain mentally lacking.

Withstanding Fact Checks

Joe Biden’s statements can, for the most part, clear the fact checker hurdle. Joe, like most politicians, occasionally is selective in his facts; but he is substantially correct. Donald Trump – assuming you can decipher his word salads – is outright lying most of the time. He is a gift to a fact checker up against a deadline.

The Revenue/Expense Game

My (somewhat obsolete) degree is in management and as much as things have changed most basics remain relevant. In the not that long run revenues must exceed expenses for the entity to be successful. As of today, Trump has less revenue and much larger (mainly legal) expenses than Biden. Advantage: Biden.

Just How Bad Is The Current Speaker?

John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan were the last three Speakers that lasted any appreciable time. None of them ever lost a rules vote. For those non-political junkies (and even some political junkies) a rules vote passes along party lines and sets the rules for any measure the House is considering on the floor.
Keep in mind that while Nancy was a Hall of Fame level Speaker the other two certainly were not.

Child Rearing

If your kid stutters you get them help. If they consistently and repeatedly lie you send them to bed without their supper. I’ll let you connect the dots and draw your own conclusions.

Another Headscratcher

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton called for “vigilantly justice” (of course only against those he doesn’t agree with) recently. Now I expect statements like that out of some of his peers but Cotton had the benefit of an Ivy League education. Apparently, it was wasted on him. Among other things America appears to have a resource allocation problem.

One Of Three Pillars

I have long held the opinion that the modern Republican Party is held upon by three pillars, one of which is the promotion of ignorance. Their actions on books illustrate my point. They are supported by those who support the efforts to ban books. State and local level elected Republicans simultaneously are waging a war on librarians. By contrast Democrats are trying to protect librarians. What are the right wingers afraid of? I think it might be reality and the truth.

Right Wing Bullies

The barbarian philosophy is alive and well on the American right. Planet Fitness facilities have been receiving bomb threats for operating under trans inclusive policies. What ever happened to the all God’s children thing? Does the American right simply use religion like it uses law and order?

Told You

Small investors, many of them investing their meager savings, are taking serious paper losses because of investing in the parent company of Truth Social. They see it as a test of faith in Donald Trump. I looked at the business basics and history; then I determined it was a foolish investment. Trump will walk away with a chunk of change and the little guys and gals will be left holding the bag. History repeats itself.

Looking forward to Novembers thus far the best things the Democrats have going for them are the GOP candidates. As usual, the cutting room floor is a mess.

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