Progressive Sweeping LXXII

Warning: Today’s article will walk right up to the “PG line” several times. Reader discretion advised.

I know it is not my fashion to publish a “clean up” article on a Sunday but I’m feeling particularly snarky today and there is plenty of material. I just hope against hope that I get it all in.


Donald Trump complained that it was in his words “Freezing” in the courtroom where he is a criminal defendant. He is so spoiled that he doesn’t realize how lucky he is. Most defendants in Manhattan are spending their non-courtroom time in Rikers. Trump gets Wednesdays and weekends off.

I don’t know from personal experience (and I’m glad of that!) but I’m willing to bet the courtroom is a more comfortable temperature than many cells at Rikers.


Perhaps if Trump had really done something positive about infrastructure when he was president New York County would have a new courthouse with a more efficient HVAC system. Under Trump the phrase Infrastructure Week became the punchline for late night comic’s monologue jokes.


That word will play out during the Trump trial in Manhattan. I fear that the jury may end up being hung. However, if Stormy Daniels testifies completely and consistently with past statements Trump won’t be portrayed as such. Considering her profession, she should be viewed as an expert witness in that matter.

Donny, It Will Get Worse

During jury selection Trump was unconfutable when confronted with the social media histories of many perspective jurors. Well, the “Kryptonite” is coming. Testimony will include the truth and Trump’s history.

It’s Working

At least one juror – and I doubt she will be the last – has been excused because of the bullying by Trump allies in particular Fox News. At least one Fox on-air personality is doing “rundowns” on the jurors and then expressing his supposedly expert opinion as to whether they are pro-Trump or not. Did I miss something in my education? I thought jurors were supposed to be open-minded and evaluate the evidence presented within the parameters of the applicable law.

I’m all for freedom of the press but irresponsible journalism is another thing. Remember Fox News is the network that already has paid over three-quarter of a billion dollars in fines for knowingly broadcasting lies. It also is the network where a former on-air personality repeatedly used the phrase, “Tiller, the baby killer”. Dr. Tiller was assassinated and the on-air personality is still at large sipping (well, maybe much more than sipping) scotch. My point is that this is nothing new, in fact it is more similar to a vast right wing conspiracy.

A Proposed New Name

The far right has all but gone openly pro-Putin. When interviewed awaiting admission to Trump events recently many of the useful idiots openly admits to the fact. Maybe the party should change its name from Republican (which while I disagree with it, I respected) to the Russpublicans. That name would also honor their late “intellectual leader”.

A Real New Name

Led by the genius that is Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Freedom Caucus formed a watchdog group last week. It was named the Floor Action Response Team. Washington loves its acronyms; in this case FART. To paraphrase an old joke, it doesn’t pass the smell test but it will make a lot of noise.

At a serious level, its formation displays the ignorance of the Freedom Caucus members. The Senate actually gets a lot done by unanimous consent. In the House all measures are voted on making it impossible for leadership to “slip one in”. The Freedom Caucus, including Greene, are Republicans and the Republicans control the House. So, they are watching their own leadership who by the rules of the chamber can’t just “slip one in” anyway. And we pay these “governmental structure scholars” a minimum of $174,000 a year. I’d say we are getting shortchanged and that certainly stinks like a, well you fill in the blank.

I didn’t come remotely close to my original goal but I hope I’m entertained and enlightened you in any event.

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