Progressive Sweeping LXXI

So much news and so little time. Let’s not waste any.

Four Years Ago

On Friday the March 2024 jobs numbers came out. Again, they proved that the economy is doing fine. Of late, the Trump campaign has been asking if you are better off today than you were four years ago. The March 2020 jobs report showed a net loss of 701,000 jobs under Donald Trump. The March 2024 number was an increase of 303,000 jobs under Joe Biden. A swing of 1,004,000 jobs. I rest my case.

A Truth?

When Twitter was still called Twitter, a message posted on it was called a tweet. Does that mean a message posted on Truth Social would be called a truth? How can that be when so many of them are lies?

God’s Messenger?

Friday Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene poster a message on what used to be known as Twitter (and gets more eyeballs than Truth Social) that read “God is sending America strong signs to tell us to repent. Earthquakes and eclipses and many more things to come. I pray that our country listens.”

The earthquake she is referring to is the one in New Jersey near New York City. It caused little damage. In fact, red state Alaska is by far the state with the most earthquakes.

I have to assume the eclipse she is referring to is the one scheduled to take place today.

Both are natural occurrences that have taken place for millennia.
For the sake of this column let’s assume an omnipotent God. With over 7 billion people to choose from what makes you that that he, she or it would select Marjorie Taylor Greene as their spokesperson on Earth?

Divine Protection

Why is it that people who refuse to get vaccinated to protect themselves from disease claiming that God has then covered feel the need for (often assault style) firearms? Perhaps it is just my mental limitations, but I’m having an issue reconciling those positions.

Of Egos And Responses

Last week Pennsylvania Republican Guy Reschenthaler introduced a bill to rename Dulles International Airport in Virginia after Donald Trump. He was joined by six other Republicans as co-sponsors (Andy Ogles and Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee, Michael Waltz of Florida, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Barry Moore of Alabama and Troy Nehls of Texas.)

In response Virginia Representative Gerry Connolly along with co-sponsors Jared Moskowitz of Florida and John Garamendi of California introduced a bill to rename the Miami Federal Corrections Institute the Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institute.

Even Howard Stern was willing to settle for a rest stop urinal being named for him and shock jock Stern, unlike President Trump, was actually good at his job.

Neither bill stands much of a chance of becoming law, however the Republican offer is nothing more than an attempt to placate Trump’s ego; while its counterpart could provide Trump with something that he like – the opportunity to live in a building with his name on it.

A Bridge Too Far

Often aided by lies, Trump aligned Republicans have attacked big cities for some time now and few have been in their cross hairs more than Baltimore. I could spend the entire article explaining why it is important to clean up the aftermath of the bridge disaster. One overly simplistic, but somewhat accurate, view of America is that it is an insurance company with an army.

Today Republicans are hinting (and in many cases very strongly) that they will oppose federal aid to clear up the situation ASAP. Is this a play to placate Trump, punish a blue city or both?

I Told You

The Wall Street Journal ran a story last week outlining how business groups are fighting proposed state level legislation that would make them check the immigration status of job applicants via the E-verify system. The supposed reason is they don’t want to be the “immigration police” for the government. The real, but unsaid, reason is that they want a cheap and easily exploitable labor pool. That is one of the biggest reasons the Republicans will never get behind a comprehensive border security and immigration package.

Too Far This Time?

The Israeli attack on a convoy from the World Central Kitchen may well have been the straw that will break Benjamin Netanyahu’s political back. I am among the many who have maintained that he is prolonging the conflict in an effort to stay in office. With this attack he has lost more of the generally pro-Israeli American public including much of its Jewish diaspora. The World Central Kitchen is globally respected, Netanyahu is not.

As in all these attempts, much is left on the cutting room floor but some of you want to watch an eclipse today so I’ll let you go.

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