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Today is Aprils Fools’ Day (I’ll be “celebrating” a lot of fools in today’s article) and to me, being of Polish ethnicity, it is Dyngus Day which I won’t try and explain other than it was a “reason” to do a lot of drinking in my younger days after which I probably acted like a fool.

The Threatening Buses

An elected Republican in Michigan sent out a social media posting about the illegals in three buses at the Detroit airport about to depart with a police escort. His alarm was retransmitted by members of the Michigan GOP power structure. The buses of illegals turned out to be the Gonzaga University’s men’s basketball team and their traveling party in town for an NCAA sweet sixteen game. As of this writing no retraction has been posted.

I have to admit that my teams never received a police escort into town but we got a few out of town after our largely non-white team beat the home town’s lily-white squad. Think racism might have had something to do with the perceived threat that law enforcement was trying to head off?

Trump Tariffs

Like it or not we live in a global economy. Donald Trump is promising a tariff of at least ten percent on all foreign goods. If you haven’t figured it out on your own by now, I’ll tell you that Trump is far from a business genius! In the final analysis who do you think is going to pay for that? The answer is the American consumer. If inflation is the cruelest tax than what is the cost of living increase generated by a tariff?

States’ Rights

When – and should they get power, it is when, not if – the Republicans pass a national abortion ban will states’ rights apply? The answer is, No! The states’ rights argument has always been a right wing dog whistle.

The Opposite Of Empowerment

Forcing a woman to carry her rapist’s baby to term is not the empowerment of women.

A Danger Of Belief

If you get into a discussion with most people, particularly the less well educated, they will begin a statement with the phrase “I believe”. That is a major problem in that beliefs are exempt from proof via fact(s).

Another Lie Revealed Over Time

In the run up to Obamacare one of the big right wing mythology criticisms (read: lies) was that it would cause our health care costs to explode. In 2010 America spent 17.2% of its GDP on health care. In 2022 that percentage was 17.3%. That is a heck of a bending of the curve and another disproved myth.

It Won’t Happen But…

Trump is playing the delay game in his various trials. Why wouldn’t he? He has no reason to assume he will be acquitted. He is largely using OP money to finance his legal maneuverers. When he is not in court he is playing golf, lounging around Mar-a-Lago or entertaining himself in front of an adoring crowd.

Want to speed things up? Then throw his rather generous behind in jail.

Right Wing Investments

It was recently reported that the Qatari royal family has invested $50 million (chump change for them) in NewsMax.

Justice, Connected White Man Style

Texas Republican Attorney General, Ken Paxton, reached a deal to avoid trial on state felony fraud charges. Smell and/or equity test anyone?

Another Myth

Right wingers (including Donald Trump) love the myth that illegal immigrants (their term) are making a killing by collecting Social Security when they never paid into it. Unless they are employed off the books (and whose fault is that?) they are paying the employee share of Social Security taxes. Few, if any, workers of that “category” ever hit the earnings ceiling of $168,600 so they pay on every penny they earn. If they are undocumented and return to their country they cannot collect. In any event, you can only collect on an account you paid into. In other words, they put money in and often do not take any out at the end so they are certainly not a drain on the system; actually, the opposite.

Part II?

Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate David McCormick apparently lives in Connecticut. Could the Pennsylvania Republicans really be making the same mistake two Senate races in a row? I remembered Dr. Oz of Pennsyljersey. Perhaps they don’t. May I coin a new word – Pennsylcon?

American Leadership?

The World Health Organization revealed that only seven countries (Australia, Estonia, Finland, Grenada, Iceland, Mauritius and New Zealand) met the pollution guidelines for fine particulate matter in 2023 and the United States wasn’t one of them. Without the leadership of the United States (ranked 33rd) how are we going to save the planet from its human inhabitants?

To my friends and readers in Poland and the Polish diaspora Happy Dyngus Day. If you are not Polish, we will be happy to let you join us anyway.

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