Progressive Sweeping LXVIII

I planned on waiting a few more days before I did another clean up type article, but the plethora of material proved too tempting.

Trump Digs Coal

During his 2016 and 2020 campaigns Donald Trump made a huge and successful play for the votes of coal miners. In 2016 he promised that if elected he would return coal mining jobs. During his administration coal mining jobs went from 50,000 to 38,000. You take it from there. Here is the truly sad part – Trump will carry West Virginia and Wyoming, the nation’s two largest coal producing states, in 2024 and by wide margins.

Improving To An Incomplete

Prior to last week I’d have to give Congress – in this case severely hamstrung by the Republican led House – an “F” for its work. The budget was due in September and they simply failed to hand in any work on time. Last week they passed appropriation bills to fund about 30% of the federal government just short of last Friday’s most recent partial shutdown deadline. With the other 70% in limbo and an at least thrice extended deadline looming I am willing to change their grade to “I” as in incomplete.

Ultimate Revenge

Crypto currency PACs spent big against Democrat Katie Porter in the recent California Senate primary. It worked; they defeated her. Now they are about to embark on their second political foray spending against Democrats Ohio incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown and Montana incumbent Senator Jon Tester. My idea of the ultimate revenge would be for the Senators to be reelected and Porter to return to Washington heading an anti-scam agency protecting consumers and investors. It could happen.

Law And Order MAGA Style

Did it ever strike you that Trump and his minions only support law enforcement when it is aimed at non-whites and certainly not at white collar criminals.

Telling Endorsement

Donald Trump endorsed North Carolina Republican Gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson calling him “Martin Luther King on steroids”. We know Trump is not much of a reader and now we know he’s not much of a judge of character or history student either.

Speaking Of History’s Lessons

If you think only “illegal immigrants” are going to end up in Trump’s proposed camps you haven’t studied 20th century European history.

Citizenship And Voting

Since many Republican voters only consider those over 18 and born in America of two American citizens to be eligible to vote what do they think of Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump? Soon to be 18, we can then include Baron Trump in our question.

Still In Follow The Money Mode

Donald Trump has started to post bond in his appeals and people much more resourced and talented than me are in follow the money mode. Just what did Trump pay, what conditions apply and who is the real money person(s) behind the deals are questions that are as of this writing unanswered. Considering he is running for President it would be nice to know whom he is beholden to.

The Even More Trumpy RNC

With Ronna Romney McDaniel, (that is her name she only stopped using Romney to placate Trump), outliving her usefulness in Trump’s eye. He replaced her with a combination of a North Carolina election denier and his daughter-in-law. Now more than ever the RNC is just another pot of cash for Trump to play with.

Let The Good News Continue

The February jobs numbers are out and the Biden economy created another 275,000 new jobs in the month. While a president should never get all the economic blame or credit, Bidenomics must be doing something correct.

Pier Pressure

Somewhat in coordination with the State of the Union address, it was announced that the U.S. military would build a temporary pier to facilitate aid entering Gaza. While I agree with and applaud this move, I have to feel it is more PR and politics than an answer. It will take about a month to become operational and, while a step in the right direction, still be inadequate to address the needs in the region.

It Official

Sweden officially joined NATO on March 7th. (Coincidentally the date of the State of the Union?) Take that Vlad!

Let’s Run Our Worst

In the race to replace North Carolina Republican Representative Dan Bishop, the Republicans selected Mark Harris. Harris won an election for the House in 2018 only to have the results thrown out because of widespread voter fraud on his behalf. The 2024 North Carolina primaries were the first elections in the state requiring voter ID supposedly to combat voter fraud. Harris won a primary so obviously Republican primary voters have forgiven him. Hypocrisy anyone?

Demoted Liar

Texas Republican Representative and staunch Trump supporter, Ronny Jackson, loves to brag about being and campaign as a retired admiral. The truth is that he was busted down to Captain and retired at that rank. His nickname remains unchanged – The Candy Man.

Bob, Go Already!

Last week Tuesday yet again more charges were filed against Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. As of this writing Menendez remained in the primary to defend his seat. Enough already Senator! At the very least pull out of the race and announce your retirement at the end of your current term.

While my “slate” is far from clean, that is enough for today.

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  1. How about a column on this loony tunes on steroids Mark Robinson? Where did he come from? And what’s your prediction of his chances in November?

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