Progressive Sweeping LXVII

There is a huge story that I should be writing about today (at this point I’m saving it for Sunday). Who knows what will pop between now and when I write Sunday’s article. In any event, there is plenty to “sweep up” today.

Vive la France!

Monday France put a right to an abortion into its constitution. Keep in mind that France’s biggest religion by far (47% of the nation) is Roman Catholic. France also has arguably the world’s best health care delivery system. Life expectancy in France is 83.35 years (16th overall) compared to the United States at 79.74 (47th overall). In a global economy those are things talented young people will consider.


Former longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg pled guilty to perjury. This has to be part of a deal and Weisselberg knows where a lot of the bodies are buried and who held the shovels. Stay tuned!


By the time you read this I expect Donald Trump to all but have wrapped up the 2024 GOP nod relegating Nikki Haley to an asterisk in American political history. However, it is difficult to ignore the DC Republican primary results. Sure, the sample size (2,000) is small and DC will go for Joe by a huge margin in November but it is telling that the DC GOP primary electorate went 2:1 against Trump. You have to assume that the majority of GOP DC primary voters are long time, loyal Republicans who are more politically savvy and aware than the average primary voters (of any party) elsewhere. They know Trump will be the nominee but they also know who he really is. I’ll let you figure out what they are telling us. Let’s just say that you have been warned.


This one deserves more attention but I just can’t give it that at the moment, however I don’t want to ignore it completely. The United States has begun airdropping humanitarian supplies into Gaza. This is a drop in the bucket, very expensive and totally inadequate but it shows our concern. I could say a lot more but I’ll leave it there for today.

Florida, Full Speed In Reverse

The University of Florida announced that it was eliminating all D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) positions in order to comply with Ron DeSantis inspired legislation and regulations. I’ll let you connect the dots.


Last week Congress passed an eleventh hour CR that kept the government funded for another week. Yes, you read that correctly. The right wing loves to talk about running the government like a business. Now they are funding the federal government on a weekly (or would weakly be more fitting?) basis. Not a great way to run a business!

Oh, and they slipped one provision in making the “deal” even worse. They curtailed the expansion of Pell Grant availability.

IVF Fraud

Alabama’s Republican controlled state legislature passed a law shielding physicians from liability in IVF cases. If their Supreme Court remains consistent, it will declare the law unconstitutional under Alabama’s state constitution.

In the Senate, Illinois Democrat Tammy Duckworth asked for unanimous approval for a bill protecting IVF. Alabama Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith objected.

The Sign

As I view pictures or footage of demonstrations the thing I tend to watch for the most are the homemade signs. One stuck home and I’d like to share it with you. “If only my uterus was an AR-15.” Makes you think about priorities.

Body Politics

The body of Russian political figure Alexi Navalny was finally released to his mother after a week had elapsed. Even then there were conditions. Was the Russian government covering up something(s)? I certainly don’t know for sure but this doesn’t pass the smell test. Obviously, Putin feared protests connected with the funeral.

Ignorance Talking

I have to laugh when I hear people talking of Kamala Harris being removed from the Democratic ticket. They are simply displaying their political ignorance. It is not going to happen! Biden and the Democrats need a large turnout among both women and people of color in order to win in November. Dumping Harris would be the surest way to ensure that it didn’t happen.


March 4th was the one-year anniversary of both the birth and death of Baby Milo. Milo’s was a forced birth and his life lasted just long enough for his parents and grandparents to watch him basically suffocate to death. Maybe it’s just me but I fail to see what is pro-life and pro-family values about that.

Round Number?

Trump, while trying to play cute said he favored an abortion ban at 16 weeks because it was a round number. Really?

Tish Targeted

The controversy surrounding Fani Willis is just a distraction aimed at personally discrediting her. It has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged (at this point anyway) crimes Trump and his minions committed in Georgia. I, for one, really don’t care about her personal life but I do care about attempts (failed like most things Trump) to subvert American democracy.

I can only imagine the dirt digging that is going on with Tish James as its target. Nothing to date has been unearth; if that holds, she must be squeaky clean and I expect her to run for higher office in the future.


The far right wing Republicans in Congress loves to go around talking about how Christian they are and basing stances on their supposed Christian values. In fact, many of them contend that the Bible, not the Constitution, is the basic law of the land. If that is so they must believe in Hell. That gives a new meaning to burn, baby, burn and I’m not talking about old song lyrics.

Beware The Organized Oldsters!

I love to poke fun at Stephen Moore. Hey, it’s easy! The former Trump economic advisor and Wall Street Journal op-ed columnist appeared at CPAC and stated that the most dangerous left wing group in America was the AARP. I’ll just leave it there; it’s too easy.

Not Even A Competent Racist

A few weeks back Donald Trump confused Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi. Since he is such an obvious misogynist that is understandable. To him women are interchangeable “parts”. Now he has confused Joe Biden and Barack Obama on multiple occasions. Maybe he’s not a very competent racist after all.

I ran long again today so it’s time to say good-bye until tomorrow.

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