Progressive Sweeping LXVI

Today’s sweeping will be mostly Trump bashing. It’s just too tempting, I can’t help myself. I’ll try and sprinkle in a few other items.

Latest Venture

This past weekend Donald Trump entered the ranks of sneaker salesmen. He will not reach the legendary status of Chuck Taylor (Converse) or Sonny Vaccaro (Nike). I further predict that his sneakers will be remembered alongside this vodka and steaks.

In What World Does He Live?

Monday Trump finally made a statement, via social media, regarding the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. In it he never mentioned, let alone criticized or blamed Vladimir Putin.

Is Trump complicit after the fact, loyal to his boss or just plain stupid?

An Answer From Elvis

Russian authorities are refusing to release Navalny’s corpse to his family. What are they hiding? Why does Elvis Presley’s 1968 hit Suspicious Minds keep playing in my head? Why don’t I know any songs about an outdoor stroll in February in Siberia?

Mob Mentality

Trump is a wannabe mobster. For years I have referred to his operation as an organized criminal enterprise. He views NATO as a protection racket. As in if you don’t pay, we don’t protect you. Did he learn his management techniques from bad mob movies? It certainly appears so.

His boss, Putin, hates and fears NATO because it is effective. Putin invaded Ukraine because it appeared to be inching closer to NATO membership and that would have meant the end of his only warm water naval base along with another NATO country right on his border. The timing was not a coincidence.

Line Of The Week

Andrew Weissmann had the line of the week last week. He referred to monitors assigned to the Trump organization as babysitters and the metaphors just flowed. They are practically necessary and poetically fitting for a devious and disobedient man-child.

New Meaning To Old Verbiage

Most Americans, myself included, are basically pro-Israel. That does not mean that we are pro-Netanyahu. That is an important distinction in 2024!

The Tale Of Two Conflicts

While the lines are somewhat blurry in Israel, they are crystal clear in Ukraine and what needs to be defended in both is democracy. Unfortunately, in both a common factor is that a lot of innocent people are getting hurt physically and/or financially and in some cases dying.

The Two Options

At least for today I won’t bore you with a (largely redundant) dissertation on why 2024 is a binary choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It is simply a fact.

The argument with the most “sticking power” the Trump forces have mounted against Joe Biden to date is his age. To put it in the vernacular: Is that really the best you got? On Election Day 2024 Biden will be 81 and Trump 78. When you reach that age – and I’m less than ten years younger – a three-year age difference is irrelevant. It’s not like we are talking 5 and 8.

Biden is not the public speaker he was in his prime and his stuttering issue occasionally arises. Trump is simply a serial (and often of the zombie variety) liar who appears incapable of speaking in complete sentences.

I contend that Biden is in both better physical and mental shape. Oh, I forgot Trump is 6’3” and 215 pounds. If you believe that, well…

Interesting Numbers

America is largely a country of immigrants and was both made great and built by immigrants. (By the way, it is currently great.) The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did a ten year projection of the economic impact of immigration and determined that immigrants would account for a $7 billion increase in GDP and a $1 billion increase in federal government revenue.

The reality is that our labor force is greying and we need new blood. The American right wing is amoral so moral arguments fall on deaf ears with them. Occasionally an economic argument can break through.

More To Come

I have given up on keeping a calendar of Trump lawsuits but here is another set that will probably cost him another huge chuck of change. Last week a federal appeals court cleared the way for three lawsuits by members of Congress and Capital Police officers against Trump regarding January 6th. This decision, like others, could be appealed to the Supreme Court but that may or may not happen and if it does it will be the subject of further article(s).

Every time Trump loses in court – and if a baseball pitcher has a won-lost record like Trump’s he’d have been released a long time ago – it makes the next loss more likely.

I could go on but that’s enough for today.

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  1. Last Sunday I heard one of the talking heads say that she’d never seen Trump smile or laugh. I did find a couple of pictures of him doing so…when he was in the company of Putin…and Kim…and Xi…and…

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