Progressive Sweeping LXV

About 15 years into this “project” and I’m still amazed at how much political news accumulates in such a short time period. Let’s get it on.


I’m going to ask you to ponder something(s) today. How much difference is there between a Trump and a Putin victory? Is there even one? If so, is the difference diminishing?

I can’t claim credit for it but there is a joke going around about a new GOP bumper sticker that reads: Trump First, Putin Second, America Third.

It’s A Win. Message?

Tuesday night Democrat Tom Suozzi won the special election in New York’s third congressional district to replace the expelled Republican George Santos. He won the race by about an eight-point margin; not a blowout but a decent margin. There are a lot of factors at play and after balancing them all I’m not sure we can read a lot into the results.

Here is one thing of immediate significance. The margin in the House (assuming all are present and voting) is now 218-213 in the Republicans’ favor. With the leadership ability challenged Mike Johnson serving as speaker I’m not sure he can get much done. Come to think of it, that may be his Trump instructed mission anyway.

Messy House

Almost at the same time the polls in NY-3 closed the House Republicans impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas 214-213. Can you see the significance of that seat being filled? Adding to that keep in mind that this was a second attempt by the GOP?

Basically, they impeached Mayorkas without evidence of any impeachable act(s). He was impeached because the Republicans are supposedly unhappy with the situation at the border. This is the same House GOP caucus that killed a (very heavily skewed to their side) border funding bill.

I am far from alone in contending that the Trump-led Republicans do not want to solve or even improve the situation at the border because they feel they desperately need it as an election issue this fall. They need to rally their base to turnout. Nothing unites the low information segment of their base more than anything that is racism and xenophobia based. MAGA is little more than the morphing of the Tea Party and if Barack Obama had not been Black there never would have been a Tea Party. Time proved that they had nothing to do with taxation; their common causes were racism, homophobia and xenophobia.

Here is another thought to ponder: are ignorance and fear political synonyms in America? Perhaps cause and effect is a better explication.

At Least Two Out Of Three

Political candidates love to rant about waste, fraud and abuse in government. The House GOP is certainly guilty of at least two out of three. The impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas means there will be a trial in the Senate where he will be acquitted by a wide margin. That means that in addition to the time they already wasted in the House they will necessitate a wasting of time – all at taxpayers’ expense – in the Senate. I’d say that easily qualifies as an abuse of office. Fraud they may be innocent of. In this case two out of three is bad.


Wisconsin Republican Representative Mike Gallagher voted nay in the first impeachment of Mayorkas attempt. (For the record also on the second go around.) Shortly thereafter he announced he was not running for reelection. My question is which came first; the vote or the decision? Did the reaction of Republican House colleagues to his vote cause the retirement announcement or was an unannounced decision reached prior to the vote giving him the courage to cast it?

Making The Problem Worse

The word is that immigration authorities are considering releasing thousands of currently detained immigrants to close a high nine figure budget gap in light of recent congressional inaction. This is the exact opposite of what Republicans claim to want but I (among many others) contend they actually do want.

Another New High

Friday the stock market again had its highest close ever based on continued good economic news. The right wing will rue the day it coined the phrase Bidenomics just like it does the day it coined the term Obamacare.


As part of a GOP Senate filibuster Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley took to the floor of the chamber to speak of the Super Bowl. Running is an important part of any offense in football and we have the tapes to prove he was capable of that on January 6, 2021 at least. At least he didn’t read Dr. Seuss; at least one of his colleagues did that.

When Will It Dry Up?

I have to admit I’m a bit surprised that the Trump small donations are still doing so well. Other than giving them what they perceive as legitimacy for their racism what does Trump do for them? At some point they will have to wake up to the lack of return on investment (ROI).


No matter how she paints it Nevada was a disaster for Nikki Haley. In a process totally rigged by the Nevada Republican Party she lost to “None of these candidates” by about a 2:1 margin. Nevada is a closed primary so all the voters in the contest were Republicans. The only thing keeping her in the race – other than her political career being over with the outside chance of a think tank or think tank type job, and that she has nothing better to do – is that Trump is acting increasingly insane.

If Trump were to exit the race Haley would not be his replacement. I predict you will see some or all of the following Governors enter the race: Greg Abbott of Texas, Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Glenn Youngkin of Virginia. All have a better chance of being the nominee than Haley. If the GOP should reconstitute reverting to a center-right party in some form in the near future Haley will still be an outsider. She has cooked her goose with both the real (read: true conservative) Republicans and the MAGA wing.

OK, I ran long again today and it’s time for me to go.

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