Progressive Sweeping LXIX

This will give us all somethings to ponder while we wait to see and hear the latest developments in the financial and legal perils of Donald Trump. I could have speculated about them today -and that is all anybody is doing is speculating- but then I wouldn’t have been able to touch on all these other topics.


While America is still overwhelmingly pro-Israel, the antics of Benjamin Netanyahu are not only losing parts of the Jewish diaspora in America but many of the non-Jewish allies it had.

Am I the only one who sees a terrible irony in the Israelis of all people committing what increasingly appears to be a genocide?

Defections To A Destination?

Some time ago I refused to rule out the possibility of Hakeem Jeffries becoming Speaker of the House during this Congress. I’m not predicting it will happen but it’s looking increasingly possible. Republican Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin announced that he would be leaving effective April 19th. When he leaves that will put Speaker Mike Johnson in the position where he can only afford to lose only one vote from his caucus and still carry a motion on the floor.

The Republicans will pick back up a seat when the special election in California to replace Kevin McCarthy (remember him?) is completed in May because both candidates are Republicans.

The Republican House Caucus is becoming increasingly dysfunctional by the week and more early defections are a possibility. With them it is conceivable that the Democrats could hold the majority in the House before this session is over.

Here Is Something To Worry About

I find the panic over transgender athletes almost amusing because its incidence is so small and even less significant. Now juxtapose that fear with this statistic: approximately 64,000 rape conceptions have occurred in states banning or severely restricting abortion since the Dobbs decision. While gender changes are planned and voluntary, I’ve never heard of someone planning on being raped.

Another Thing On Abortion

Arizona’s abortion law dates back to 1864. Arizona didn’t become a state until 1912.

Afghanistan Exit

While I will be among the first to admit that America’s exit from Afghanistan wasn’t its finest moment, I think you have to put it in context before you blame it all on the Biden administration. The “exit date” was negotiated by the Trump administration with no involvement or consultation of the Afghanistan government. Biden was able to delay the date by a bit which meant that a bad situation would have even been worse had we followed Trump’s plan.

Warsaw Money Talking

The city of Warsaw, Poland is spending 30 million Euros on constructing bomb shelters. The Polish people know that if the Americans, via the Republican Party, allow Ukraine to fall it will either be next or very close to next. Remember Kaliningrad (which nobody else ever seems to talk about) is actually part of Russia basically in Poland. Kaliningrad has a sea coast and is about the size of Connecticut. That is a great staging area for a land, sea and air invasion.


Trump opened one of his recent rallies with an “appearance” by what he and his supporters called the January 6th Hostages. This is a case where one man’s incarcerated, convicted criminal is another man’s hostage. Has to make me question the sanity of the second man.

Suggested Motto

I have a motto suggestion for the 2024 Trump campaign: We can’t beat ‘em, so we’ll cheat ‘em. At this point what’s another couple of felony charges anyway?

Mike The Hero?

Again, many are praising Mike Pence and his courage for not endorsing Donald Trump. Who in their right mind is?

This reminds me of the praise for his actions on January 6, 2021. All he did is follow the law and then only after he tried to find a way not to. Remember he consulted Dan Quayle on the matter. Who actually relies on the “genius” of Quayle for guidance?

In my book you don’t get stars on your report card for not stealing the teacher’s lunch and not peeing in the hallways.

The Impact Of Disinformation

Disinformation is a major problem in America and I expect it both to get worse with the advent of AI and have a huge impact on the 2024 election but I want to put those aspects of it aside for a moment.

It has been reported that many women are discontinuing using the most effective methods of birth control because of right wing disinformation (read: lies). That will inevitably result in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. I feel the common ground in the abortion debate is to lower (sorry, we will never eliminate it) the demand for abortion in large part by eliminating unwanted pregnancies. This will have the total opposite effect. Who in their right mind wins? Perhaps that borders on being a redundant question.

A Step Closer To The Door

New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez announced that he was pulling out of the Democratic primary although he did not immediately rule out an independent run for his seat. Obviously, he pulled out because he was going to get his butt kicked in the primary. I don’t think an independent run will happen but perhaps he is holding out hoping for a “payoff” for retiring quietly. He couldn’t win as an independent or write-in but as the former he might just upset the apple cart a bit and cost the Democrats a lot of campaign spending that they could use elsewhere.

Alabama Again

Not content with their IVF fiasco, the Alabama legislature passed legislation targeting DEI in state colleges. The bill also disallows transgender people from using the campus bathrooms for their current gender. Are these states actively trying to make themselves less attractive to business and the brightest among us?

He Isn’t Saving You

Many Trump loyalists haven’t yet figured out that with Trump loyalty is a one-way street. His way. Peter Navarro is the latest to report to prison. To date Trump has yet to serve a day.

Disunity On Display

The House Republicans held their retreat recently and the majority of the caucus members did not attend.

I’ll just leave it there for this segment and today.

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