Progressive Sweeping LXIV

I ended yesterday’s article not because I ran out of material; but because I feared that I was overtaxing my readers’ attention spans. So today we continue.

An Old Coaching Tale

The story is told (it must have happened, probably multiple times) of a college basketball coaching staff gathering outside the locker room at halftime debating what to say to the assembled players who were down, and not for the first time that season, by a wide margin. After settling on a line of malarkey among themselves the coaches spoke the truth, “We have to get better players”. Looking at the 2024 Republican presidential wannabes and the apparent winner I have to hope what few adults are left in positions of power in the GOP are saying the same thing privately.


Some rhetoric to the contrary, Republicans are perusing draconian abortion policies. Their “exceptions” actually increase the likelihood of the death of the mother. They also are jeopardizing uteruses and with them future fertility. How in the world is that pro-life?

Basically, their laws tell a pregnant person to have the baby or die trying. To them the delivery of a lifeless fetus in a futile and often life-threatening attempted childbirth is preferable to an abortion. If you don’t think, given the opportunity, the Republicans will pass a national abortion ban it is time for you to feed the unicorns on your roof.


I don’t think it will make it to final legislation but Texas Republican Senator Ted “Cancun” Cruz has proposed an amendment to a bill that would provide elected officials with security in airports. (No truth to the rumor that a former Idaho Republican Senator wonders if that includes from undercover policemen conducting sting operations in airport bathrooms.) Also in the amendment is private screening for the elected officials.

Reminds me of the old saying: Consider the source.

Another Good Economic Number

The January jobs numbers came out and another 353,000 net new jobs were created in America. It’s not all the president but again Bidenomics seems to be doing a lot of things right.

More Money

The EU (European Union) has agreed to another $54 billion in aid to Ukraine after Hungary’s Viktor Orban finally came on board.

Way Too Much

It has been reported that Republican presidential wannabe and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spent over $160 million on his failed campaign. (No word on if any of that was spent on boots, kinky or otherwise.) Keep in mind that he dropped out after one caucus and before any of the primaries. There is just too much money in American politics when $160 million is the price of abject and very early failure.

I Finally Agree

The Fed, who I have been a critic of in recent months, finally made a move I can agree with when it kept rates in place and strongly hinted that they would be moving them down in the not that distant future.

I think they took them too high by not paying proper attention to leading economic indicators but it is difficult to argue with the results. It appears the economy will avoid a recession without an increase in unemployment all while controlling inflation.

You can never say never in this game. An economic disruption linked to an unforeseeable event, (most likely related to a military action), can quickly upset the apple cart. Barring that it looks like rate decreases might happen at a very good time for Joe Biden politically. The reality of the great economy is starting to break through to the masses.

Simultaneous Hypocrisy

While they are signaling no deal on immigration reform and border enforcement strengthening, House Republicans are advancing the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas supposedly for his lousy job of border enforcement. (I say supposedly because they have yet to identify any impeachable act.) Do the two actions seem in conflict to you? You are not alone.

Texas Owns You

Texas’ Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is seeking medical records of Texans in the state of Georgia. Paxton (who is under federal indictment, although not nearly as many counts as Donald Trump) seems to think that once you set foot in Texas, he owns you. I have never lived I the Lone Star State but I think I’ve had a layover in a Texas airport once. Does that count to Kenny?

I’ll be OK (for now anyway) Paxton is only harassing those seeking transgender care.

I Can’t Remember

We all remember when Trump used the above phrase, complete with mock acting, to ridicule a handicapped reporter. I was among the many who found it distasteful but then nobody has ever said Trump was a manners guy.

Well, sans the flailing arms, Florida Republican Representative Maria Salazar responded with an I don’t remember (for the sake of brevity I’m paraphrasing) when a reporter confronted her with her  voting against the funding for a project that she then tried to take credit for delivering for her district. In all honesty Salazar is a backbencher of relative insignificance but it illustrates the much wider practice of Republican taking credit for delivering projects that they voted against.

I may well do a larger article about this topic in the near future but for now just be warned and beware.

Well, there is still plenty on the cutting room floor but back-to-back “sweepings” is enough for now.

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