Progressive Sweeping LXIV

I know I’ll never cover all I’d like to so I won’t waste much space on today’s intro.

It’s The Delay Game; And A Bit More

If you’ve watched any courtroom dramas you know the defense almost always stipulates to the validity of a piece of evidence. They do it because they know it is genuine and in the interest of brevity. The Trump defense team is doing the opposite in the Trump hush money trial. There is method to their madness, parts of which I will unveil today.

The number one objective is the core of Trump’s legal strategy since Day One: delay. Trump wants to delay the trial as much as possible. In the run up to this they have hoped the evidence would be excluded. Typical actions of a guilty party. They are also hoping that making the trial as boring as possible will turn the jury against the prosecution. In that endeavor they appear to be failing. In fact, they are only doing a good job of making the defendant frequently rest his eyes.

Family Guy?

In Day Nine of the trial for the first time a member of the Trump family, his son Eric, showed up in the courtroom. This is another time I wish I was a joke writer for a late-night comic; just too much material there!

Two For Two In PA

In 2020 Trump endorsed Mehmet Oz of New Jersey for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania. In 2024 he has already endorsed Connecticut resident David McCormick for the other Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat. Could someone buy Trump a map?

Arizona And Abortion

On the third try the Arizona Republican finally released enough members of the state legislature to repeal its 1864 abortion ban. The way Arizona state law works the repeal will not be effective until 90 days after this legislative session ends. It should end sometime in June or July which means the law won’t change until probably in October. Even then Arizona will have one of the most restrictive state abortions laws in the country with a 15-week ban. Better but far from good!

A Future Trump Gig?

Assuming our justice system finally gives Trump what he is due and he is defeated in November it could be the end of the current line for him (as a loyal American I certainly hope so!). The question remains what will he do. I have a suggestion: Dancing with the Stars. He is tubby and probably can’t dance but that hasn’t stopped some past “stars” including at least one “Trump alum”.

A New Business Opportunity?

Should the Republicans gain control in 2025 one proposal is that the government be allowed to monitor the menstrual activities of American women. One way of doing that would be to develop and require the use of some sort of menstrual monitoring device which would open up a whole new industry. This reminds me of the old joke about a prostitute metering her professional activities with a device between her legs.

The Republican like to boast about being business friendly.

Pondering Law Enforcement Fatalities

While I am not condoning all the activities of recent campus protesters I would like to keep this fact in mind: As of this writing more law enforcement officials died as a result of the domestic terrorist activities of January 6th than in all the campus protests of 2024 combined.

Body Counts

More Americans died on Trump’s watch during COVID than did because of Hitler’s World War II efforts. In a similarity between two very bad Republican presidents: Nixon never went to prison but many of his people did; to date the same can be said of Trump and those foolish enough to be loyal to him instead of America.

A Bit On The Arizona Indictments

Donald Trump has a new nickname. In the documentation accompanying these indictments he is referred to as “Unindicted co-conspirator 1”. He is probably happy that he received the number one ranking. Like the Time cover?

Among those indicted is Christina Bobb who was recently hired by the 2024 Trump campaign to work on election integrity. You can’t make this stuff up!

Still Another Nickname

Based on the current trial in New York City, Trump can now be referred to as The Defendant. Among his nicknames my personal favorite is still Cadet Bone Spurs.

Well incomplete as anticipated but I want to let you go; that’s enough for today.

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