Progressive Sweeping LX

There is certainly plenty of “clean up” work for me to do so I won‘t waste much space on an intro today.

A Needed Presidential Reform

Yesterday’s artilce was largely about the danger of unchecked powers in American democracy. Along those lines one reform that is definitely needed is the power of the presidential pardon. If you have a corrupt president, they can simply pardon anyone of any federal crime just on a whim (or bribe). That cannot stand as is.

Don’t Rush In With Praise

For a second time in recent history liberals are singing the praises of Ohio’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine. Not so fast! Yes, DeWine vetoed Ohio House Bill 68 which simply went too far in attacking transgender medical care and also would have banned any transgender student from participating in scholastic sports. A week later he signed an executive order banning transgender surgeries at any hospital or ambulatory surgery center in Ohio. He only vetoed HB 68 because it was even too extreme for Republicans in what has become a red state.

Another No No From Nikki

GOP presidential wannabe Nikki Haley was questioned as to the causes of the Civil War. She pandered to the racists in the GOP primary electorate by mentioning (at length) states’ rights. Somehow, she never mentioned slavery even when given a second chance. Haley: too ignorant of American history to be president or just plain to cowardly. I’ll let my readers choose.

Another Even Less Courageous Wannabe

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott – who can’t manage to keep the electricity on in his state when it gets cold – has decided he wants to run American immigration policy. Under American law immigration policy is the sole responsibility of the federal government. If Donald Trump were to disappear from the GOP primary race Abbott would jump in in a flash.

Stick Some Pins In This One

Anyone, other than the late Antonin Scalia, with even a sixth-grade reading level can tell that by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment Trump is ineligible to hold any federal office. In perhaps multiple forms, the issue has/will work its way up to the Supreme Court. Despite the clarity of the Constitution, how this group will rule is a real question mark. I am not alone in being anxious to see the twisted “logic” of several of the justices. Neil Gorsuch will be high on my watch list. He will have to contradict his own ruling when he was on the Colorado Supreme Court if he rules in Trump’s favor. In fact, the justices would effectively have to rule that the 14th Amendment itself is unconstitutional and such a ruling from this crew wouldn’t totally shock me.

Let The Voters Decide

One of the arguments being made by Trump’s backers is that it is undemocratic to declare him ineligible to run. I find it rich that suddenly these people are defending democracy! Let me put presidential eligibility in perspective. The Constitution requires a person to be 35 years of age to hold the office. Based on that I’ve been ineligible for 48.6% of my life. Remember I’m an old man. Based on the average age of an American (38 as of 2019) that mythical average American has been ineligible 92.1% of their life.

There are approximately 38.8 million registered Republican in America. I’m sure an alternative candidate to Trump can be found.

Oh, by the way, by passing and ratifying the 14th Amendment the voters have decided.

Mein Trump

The above is my latest nickname suggestion for Trump. Unlike him, it recognizes his German ethnic heritage and acknowledges the source of his malarkey.

Holding Strong On Borders?

It appears the GOP House delegation wants to hold strong on defending our southern border in order to defend democracy while totally giving up on the Ukrainian border and the defense of democracy in Europe. Hmmm.

The Ugly American

More than once America’s foes have defeated us because they realized that Americans have a child’s perception of time. Remember how the days before Christmas (and with it your presents) seemed to take forever when you were a kid. Now that you are an adult there never seems to be enough time to shop and the credit card bills appear too soon.

If we turn our backs on Ukraine we will have made the same mistake again and Vladimir Putin will win the wait the Americans out game.

A Loan?

I wonder if Trump lent the House Republicans his Hawaii investigators of Barack Obama for their wild goose chase of Joe Biden?

Just Two Numbers

Bidenomics is working just fine and sooner or later the American people will come to realize it. The December jobs numbers came out the other day and it was the 36th straight month of job growth with 216,000 net jobs created. Also, over my hiatus the stock market reached its all-time high. The Dow-Jones is not a good barometer of the economy but it was all Trump seemed to talk about when he was in the Oval Office.

Latest GOP Health Care Plan

If they had their way the Republicans would jail medical professionals for performing what are often lifesaving and fertility preserving procedures. That may be harsh, but it is both 100% accurate and 0% pro-life.

New TV Show

If Trump gets back in the Oval Office right wing TV can have a new show – Pardon TV.

The Clarence Thomas Story

Right wing TV can run a documentary mini-series covering Clarence Thomas’ shakedown of Congress which culminated in deep pocketed right wing donors “taking care” of him.

Regressive Taxation

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin – another GOP presidential wannabe that will jump into the race if Trump makes a pre-convention stumble or exit – proposed a tax reform package in Virginia that lowers the tax rate and offsets the revenue loss with a sales tax. Those taxes help the rich at the expense of the poor which is why economists label them as regressive. Even the poorest among us have to eat and in Virginia Youngkin would make them pay for that “sin”.

OK, that’s enough for today but certainly not enough to clean out my notes.

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