Progressive Sweeping LVIII

I thought closing out November with a “sweeping” was as good a way as any, so here we go.

Follow The Right Wing Money?

The Koch network has endorsed Nikki Haley in an attempt to keep Donald Trump from becoming the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee. With that comes a lot of money and it appears other deep pocket Republican donors are following suit. Is it too little, too late or the cavalry arriving just in time? We’ll find out but I’m betting on the former. Their flirting with Ron DeSantis may have cost them.

Another No, No Nikki

Least you start thinking Nikki is a sensible alternative to Trump let me point out her stances on Social Security and Medicare. “Genius” Haley’s plan is to raise the retirement age. The right wing’s “conventional wisdom” is that longevity is rising so why not the retirement age? Like a Paul Ryan budget it is based on a falsehood. (Or if you choose to be kind: flawed assumption.) American longevity is only rising, and then both slightly and still trailing many other similar countries, for white collar workers. Blue collar workers have actually experienced a slight decrease in recent years.

The second part of Haley’s plan is based on the assumption that medical costs are rising much more rapidly than prices in general. That is to a degree true but the rate has radically slowed in the wake of Obamacare.

Nikki can’t support the simple and logical method to add money to the coffers – raising or eliminating the ceiling on contributions – because like a true Republican she will not go for anything that resembles a tax increase on the wealthy. And that is the true bottom line on this issue.

What Cost A Life?

Republicans proudly talk of eliminating government regulations. Let’s take a look at what that results in. A 20-year-old Amazon employee recently died due to faulty safety conditions at an Amazon facility in Indiana. After an investigation Amazon was fined $7,000. That was the maximum they could be fined under Indiana law. (Indiana is a red state.)

Now, I’m very much a capitalist. My degree is in Management. When the maximum fine for a fatality is $7,000 what is the entity’s incentive to prevent the tragedy? It was a long time ago when I was in school but I distinctly remember sitting through a class where we were taught to stack up the cost of a fine and/or lawsuit against the cost of a safety change. $7,000 is not a lot of incentive! Amazon’s 2022 profit exceeded $225 billion. You do the math on that one versus $7,000.

One Of His Idols

Donald Trump, the current Republican frontrunner by a country mile, is known to idolize dictators. Currently the most prominent one is Russia’s Vladimir Putin. If you cherish freedom of the press pay attention to this one!

Putin, and nothing of this magnitude happens in Russia sans Putin’s approval, has opened an investigation into award winning journalist and author Masha Gessen. Gessen is a Russian born staff writer for The New Yorker currently living in the United States and holds dual citizenship. Two of her books, Surviving Autocracy, and The Future Is History, are on his site’s recommended reading list.

Her crime? Basically, it is telling the truth. You connect the dots.

Be Careful What You Ask For

It was announced that, in response to a subpoena, Hunter Biden will testify before the House Oversight Committee chaired by Kentucky Republican James Comer. Thus far Comer has repeatedly been shown up and/or embarrassed during his witch hunt against the Biden family. This will prove to be a case of more of the same. Comer may think that he is a genius but he has far from proven it. Hunter Biden is represented by attorney Abbe Lowell who is the real deal.
All I expect out of Hunter’s appearance is that again we will see that there is no there, there, along with highlighting Comer’s dimness. (As an aside, I wonder how the right wing media will spin this one.)

An Unnecessary Coverup

Perhaps I need to rethink my assessment of Florida Republican Governor and wannabe presidential nominee Ron “Kinky Boots” DeSantis as a smart guy. His then election chief, Peter Antonacci, left a heated meeting in DeSantis’ office only to collapse in the hallway and lay there undiscovered for 24 minutes. Antonacci died. The official reports were that he died in his office. Sounds routine. When the truth, as it inevitably does, emerged we see a coverup.

There is an old saying in politics that the coverup is worse than the crime. In this case we have no evidence of a crime. Just an old man getting into a heated argument and dropping dead minutes later. This was a coverup that didn’t need to happen which makes you wonder.

Is He Really That Stupid…

Florida dwelling, Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is nobody’s candidate for the smartest member of the chamber but this is the other extreme. Tuberville, in trying to defend his blockage of military promotions, (and in the process readiness), said the military’s abortion policy included, “Abortion after birth”. I’m not even sure how to comprehend that. My first two questions are: Is he really that stupid? and, Does he think we are?

Well that is more than enough for now and we’ll “see” you Sunday.

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