Progressive Sweeping LVII

When I go back-to-back with this format it usually indicates that a lot of bad things have happened in American politics or I’ve avoided it for a bit. In this case it is a little of both.

Nikki, No No

Donald Trump looks like a shoe in for the 2024 GOP nod but we can all hold out hope. Nikki Haley is getting a lot of attention– almost anyone can look attractive when juxtaposed with Trump – for being more reasonable and acceptable. I’m not a single issue voter nor do I suggest any of my readers be. That said, her stance on choice is not only unacceptable it is impractical and as a woman she should know that. When asked if she were still governor of South Carolina would she sign a six-week abortion ban she replied in the affirmative. Without getting too far into the weeds, let me remind you that at six weeks most women do not yet know they are pregnant.

Closer Than You Think

The conflict in Israel is, first off not confined to Israel, and already a proxy war. If you have any doubt about that just remember that the United States has attacked Iranian or Iranian leaning positions in among other places Syria. As of this writing, President Biden is doing a great job at keeping a relative lid on things while trying to protect American forces and interests in the region. Not an easy balancing act!

Republican Cancel Culture?

In another move favorable to Trump at the expense of the party faithful, the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently warned candidates not to attend an Iowa Christian group’s forum lest they be disqualified from the debates (which Trump thus far runs away from). Doesn’t that somehow qualify as cancelling?

For How Long?

Under new Speaker Mike Johnson the effort to impeach Biden appears to have been put on the back burner. How long do you think it will take for Johnson to put it on the floor to placate the zanies? Don’t think the lack of evidence of an impeachable offense will matter to this crew.

He’s Back And Too Stupid To Stay Quiet

If you think we have heard the last of Ryan Zinke you are mistaken. He is back and as crazy as ever. Zinke is introducing legislation (thankfully it doesn’t appear to have a chance of going anywhere) to deport Palestinians living in America. It amazes me that the people of his district in Montana sent him back to Washington especially so soon after he had to sneak out of town to avoid all the scandals in his short tenure in Trump’s Cabinet. You would hope he would have the common sense to keep a low profile and be thankful for another six-figure government job, instead he proposes radical right wing legislation aimed at placating the xenophobes in his party. I don’t know for a fact but I bet he fundraised off of this move.

Congressional Progress In Georgia?

Late last month a federal judge declared the existing congressional district maps in Georgia to be in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and said they must be redrawn by December 8th. That would mean there would be an additional majority-minority district for the 2024 elections. The new maps would most likely result in another Democratic pickup in the next House.

How Blatant Can It Get

I don’t know how I let this go unmentioned for so long, but no time like the present. In late October it was made public that the loan Clarence Thomas received from wealthy right wing donor, Anthony Welters, and used to purchase his $267,230 (1999 price) RV was forgiven. That was larger than many people’s mortgages especially nearly 25 years ago. Color me cynical if you want but this sure sounds like a bribe/payoff to me.

Marsha, Masha

This is why you have to fact check (especially elected Republicans). In an October 31st post on the site formerly known as Twitter, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn posted the following “The White House admitted Hamas is holding nearly 500 Americans hostage in Gaza.” The White House admitted no such thing because the number wasn’t even close. It is more like ten.

A Barfable Moment

Univision aired an hour-long “interview” with Donald Trump last weekend. It would more accurately be called a propaganda session during which the “interviewer” lobbed softball questions with no follow-ups. To make sure it was in no way countered or fact checked the network cancelled previously contracted Biden ads in swing states. Disinformation, especially in the Spanish speaking market, has been a problem for some time. Now it appears we have the most watched Spanish language American television network being complicit.

OK, regardless of what I’ve left on the cutting room floor I’ve had it for today.

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