Progressive Sweeping LVI

Well, I put it off long enough; it’s time to return to this format again.

Running Men

I am of the school of thought that despite the early “hour” the major party (and only people with a chance of ultimate victory) candidates are set for the 2024 presidential election. No surprise, they are Joe Biden and Donald Trump. As of this writing Biden is busy running the country (and an argument can be made for much of the free world) while Trump is busy running his mouth – mostly with falsehoods.

Another Baseball Analogy. (No, I’m not going to stop this.)

If Congress, particularly the House, were a baseball team the owners would be very active in the free agent market. Come to think of it, that is sage advice to voters.

Responsible Gun Ownership

We are starting to see gun owners whose children use their weapons being held criminally responsible. The mother of a six-year-old school shooter was recently sentenced to prison time. Obviously too little too late and in my opinion, at 21 months, it is too lenient of a sentence, but it’s a start. Remember a teacher died in this incident. What does that sentence say of the value American society puts on teachers’ lives?

Stress, Give Me A Break!

Several incidents of physical altercations and/or their threat involving Republican members of Congress have recently occurred. One excuse that came out of Mitch McConnell’s office, (and I have a difficult time believing that his staffers make comments that he doesn’t like and he allows to go unpunished), is that this is what happens when you make members work five consecutive weeks. The implication was that a workload like that was simply too stressful.
If Congress is too stressful, I suggest you try the real world where somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks of annual vacation is the norm and many do not get even that.

Balls And Strikes

Warning: Another baseball analogy. In his confirmation hearing Chief Justice John Roberts compared the job of a Supreme Court justice to that of a baseball umpire – the job is to simply to call balls and strikes.

With that in mind the recent “ethic code” is like being the batter, getting three strikes on you but not being required to sit down. But then perhaps it is just a misunderstanding on my part. No, it isn’t!

A Good Man Going

Among the House members recently announcing they are leaving Congress was Democrat Brian Higgins of New York. We haven’t seen each other in decades and I almost doubt we would recognize each other if we passed on the street, but I met and had some dealings with Brian decades ago. I found him to be both honest and smart. (Much smarter than his then boss who I will leave nameless). If the rumor mill is accurate, he has a good job awaiting him when he gets back to metro Buffalo. Good luck Brian!

The More Things Change…

The other night I was sitting next to a friend of mine who is about my age and proud a native-born Southerner. I got a news alert on my phone that read, “Mistrial declared for ex-Louisville officer charged with violating Breonna Taylor’s civil rights in fatal raid, as jury deadlocked”. I showed her my phone and said, “The more things change the more they stay the same.” She shook her head and replied in the affirmative.

Abigail in ’25

Virginia Democratic Representative Abigail Spanberger recently announced she would not be running for reelection in 2024 and instead intends to run for Virginia Governor in 2025. That is a loss for the nation but a potential big win for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A Bad Report Card

The current Republican controlled House is the least productive since the Great Depression and administration of Republican Herbert Hoover. To date it has seen only 21 bills make it into law. I’ll let my readers take it from there.

Who Is The Better Businessperson?

I’d like to juxtapose two recent news items.

Exhibit A – Bidenomics. The latest numbers show American inflation at 3.2%, by far the lowest among other major industrialized nations.

Exhibit B – Trump’s “Business Prowess”. Truth Social has lost $73 million since its inception.

I’ll let you weight the evidence.

Finally Nearing The End?

The George Santos story may finally be reaching its conclusion; at least his time in the House that is. The House Ethics Committee released its report and let’s just say it wasn’t good news for George (or whatever his name actually is). Almost immediately after the release of the report Santos announced that he would not be running for reelection which I’m certain his home district Republicans privately cheered. The next day the Committee’s Chair introduced a resolution on the House floor to remove Santos from office. It appears it will be voted on when the House returns after its Thanksgiving vacation and I think they may finally expel Santos. There are plenty of criminal charges already pending and so the “book” is far from its conclusion.

And In News of Almost No Political Consequence

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott suspended his presidential campaign the other day. The only consequence I can see that the move all but guarantees is that Nikki Haley will finish second in the South Carolina primary. (That is assuming she stays in the race that long.) Is Scott so foolish that he actually assumed that today’s GOP primary voters would select a Black man as their presidential nominee?

That’s enough for today. I’ll take a good look at the cutting room floor; a “part two” could be in the offing.

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