Progressive Sweeping LVI

You knew yesterday’s article was incomplete so here we go. (Again? Still?).

Signs Of Weakness?

One of the things I keep asking is which states, (assuming a Biden-Trump rematch), Trump will flip in 2024. At this point my answer is still none and Trump can’t win with the same outcome as in 2020. Arizona, Georgia and Michigan would (mathematically anyway) appear to be three of his prime targets. Part of what we learned from coverage of the vote to oust the Michigan GOP Chair, (if time and space allowed, I could write volumes about the individual and the vote), is that all three state parties are broke and in structural disarray. State parties are the key to great ground games.

Keep in mind that the seat currently occupied by independent Kyrsten Sinema who caucuses with the Democrats and the seat currently occupied by the retiring Democrat Debbie Stabenow are open in Arizona and Michigan and should be Republican pickup targets. Presidential campaigns are historically self-centered and I certainly don’t see Trump’s being an exception.

Rat Leaving The Sinking Ship?

Wayne LaPierre resigned from his leadership role in the NRA just prior to the start of a court case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James. The timing is much more than a coincidence and I don’t think LaPierre resigned because he got tired of wearing expensive suits that the NRA paid for.

Keep an eye on James; in political terms she’s a comer!

The Next Give ‘Em Hell Harry?

Last week it was announced that Harry Dunn is running for the Democratic nod in Maryland’s Third Congressional District. Maryland 3 is a safe Democratic seat and the primary is effectively the election. Dunn is a political novice and the field is crowded but he has the national name recognition that should enable him to raise a lot of money. We’ll see and we will certainly be watching. Oh, the poetic irony of a Dunn victory!

Bomb Threats

A wave of bomb threats has disrupted both houses of worship (mainly synagogues) and state capitals in recent weeks. They have the markings of right wing activity and the perpetrators need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is illegal and not funny or victimless!

Renewing My Call

New Jersey’s Senior Senator Democrat Bob Menendez must go! I’d prefer an immediate resignation but at least a retirement at the end of this term announcement. (For him personally it would probably avoid a loss in a Democratic primary.) Normally his seat would be relatively easy and inexpensive to defend in a year where most Democratic senatorial campaign money will be spent on defense. Now with further credible allegations of wrongdoing he is at the very, very best a candidate of questionable viability should he even make it to the general election. That is just the political consideration. The morality may fit into today’s GOP but he is a Democrat.

Really Tim?

Michigan Republican Representative Tim Walberg has publicly advised Ugandan officials to “Stand firm” on their law making being a homosexual punishable by death. Walberg, who likes to spout lines invoking God and Christianity obviously never heard of the All God’s Children thing. Hypocrite, un-American or just plain stupid; perhaps some or all of the above. You take your pick.

Switching Lauren

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert announced she would seek election in Colorado’s 4th district not the 3rd which she currently represents and lives in. Colorado 3 is primarily in the western part of the state and Colorado 4 is primarily in the eastern portion. 4 is currently represented by the retiring Republican Ken Buck and is much more red.

Among the laws we need is one requiring House members to live in their district. I know, I was once represented by an out of district resident who is the only member ever to fall asleep in the speaker’s chair on live national TV. His name: George Holding. In his defense Louie Gohmert was speaking at the time and if Gohmert ever said anything worth listening to I never heard it.

A Global Problem

This one received precious little press but it illustrates the scope of the problem we have with climate change and pollution. Bad air forced officials to close schools and markets along with seeding the clouds in Lahore Pakistan. I know most Americans could care less about Pakistan (or find it on a map for that matter). The latest estimates put Lahore’s population just short of 14 million. That is bigger than any US city. This stuff (PG rating) is real, global, begging for American leadership and serious!

Rudy Baby

America’s mayor – what a joke! – has been in the news again. He had a huge judgment go against him, committed the same transgression, got sued again and declared bankruptcy all in a matter of a news cycle or two. If anyone seriously believes that Giuliani hasn’t hidden money offshore, I suggest they chase the unicorns off there lawn without finishing reading this piece.


Tapes of Donald Trump pressuring Michigan officials not to certify the results of the 2020 elections have surfaced. I’m not a Jim Comey fan but the big guy had to smile when he read the news.

The Web Tightens

Another one that got little press but could be a big deal behind the scenes. Pennsylvania Republican Representative Scott Perry has been ordered to disclose 1,600 messages to federal prosecutors. I’m just guessing the feds aren’t looking for secret family recipes for tailgating foods.

Totally Inappropriate

A monument to confederate soldiers was removed from Arlington National Cemetery over the objection of some Republican lawmakers. I’ve visited Arlington and it’s a special place. The whole purpose of it is to honor the dead who fought for, NOT AGAINST, the United States of America. It is really that simple!

Closing With Good News

Congress approved a bill barring a president from unilaterally leaving NATO. If I understand things correctly, since NATO is a treaty exiting it would require the revocation of said treaty and therefore a two-thirds vote in the Senate. In any event this makes it crystal clear and is a safeguard against an un-American president like the one we recently and barely survived.

Well, that is still somewhat incomplete but much better.

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