Progressive Sweeping LIX

Before I head out the door, I figured I’d try and do some housekeeping. Here we go.


If Texas Republican AG Ken Paxton and Republican Governor Greg Abbott keep going the way they are Texas may be lacking in women. The only women who will be safe will either be pre-pubescent or post-menopausal. Or perhaps just to mentally challenged to protect their own interests.

Texas is equating women with child bearing capabilities to slaves of the state. It is giving new meaning to the term forced labor.


Should Trump stumble early enough in his quest for the 2024 GOP nod we will see several candidates come out of the woodwork and one of them will be the nominee. The current consolidation (of sorts) behind Nikki Haley is only an effort to avoid what many perceive as a Republican disaster if Trump heads the ticket with her as the best of an extremely weak field. You have to admit that when the competition is Ron DeSantis, a guy who should be in federal prison and another guy who broadcasts his potty session she does look pretty good but that is hardly big league competition.

Last Refuge?

Is it just my imagination or is the site formerly known as Twitter where you go when you are even too outrageous for Fox News?

Big Money

I have a buddy who is a huge Dodgers fan. When the news broke of Ohtani’s $700 million contract, I emailed him a congratulations. He replied that he found the money “Astounding” and I agree with him. Heck, it was almost as much money as Fox News paid out so far in 2023 for knowingly broadcasting lies. However, when you juxtapose the two and consider that Ohtani is actually very, very good at what he does he may have signed cheap.

Change Name?

With the harassment he is getting from the right wing perhaps Hunter Biden should change his name to Hunted Biden.

The Great Debate?

I didn’t watch the Ron DeSantis-Gavin Newsom “debate”. I could not think of a good reason to do so. Based on the reviews I saw and heard it sounds like DeSantis was trying to play the part of the lead male in a porno flick while suffering from a severe case of ED.

Bring It On

It appears that Mike Johnson will allow an impeachment of Joe Biden to proceed sans any evidence of an impeachable offense. As a partisan I say, “Bring it on!”. Americans take the impeachment of their president seriously. If the Republican impeach Biden they will pay a price at the polls. Look what happened to the Republicans in the wake of their oral gratification impeachment of Bill Clinton and they had a “smoking gun” that time in comparison to what they have now.

Coming Attractions

There are events that many could look forward to in a second Trump administration and Trump could sell tickets to them. (Trump always finds a way to scam a buck.)

There is the right wing lynching of Mike Pence. (Unfinished business from 1/6.)

The public (and I’m sure creative) executions of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the Obamas. Tickets might not be practical for that one. Perhaps a pay-per-view event via a Fox subsidiary.

I don’t know how you would stage this one but then I’m not the grifter supreme. How about the shuttering of the legitimate media?

The Good Economic News Continues

The November inflation report came out and the number is +3.1% over the year before. Most economists worth following feel that the target should be 3 not 2%, so that is pretty close especially considering that we are still in a transition coming out of a pandemic. Guess that Bidenomics thing is working pretty well.

Let’s See If Congress Gets To Our Standards

This is my last “live” artilce for 2023. You will still find postings Sunday through Thursday as normal, they were just written well ahead of publishing. Unlike the Republicans in Congress, I get my work done before I go on holiday. That’s the way things are done at As of this writing (Tuesday morning) we are no closer to a budget than we were when Kevin McCarthy was the Speaker. Aid for Ukraine (which is about to run out of ammo) is still pending. The border is no more secure (so much for Republican rhetoric). Nothing has been done about the Israeli situation. Oh, I’m sure I forgot several other dangling participles. Congress is scheduled to go on holiday on the day this is published. Want to bet not much, if anything, has changed on the above items by the end of today?

Regardless of which, if any, holidays you are celebrating as the year ends I wish the best to all my readers and thank you for being one of my readers. Without you none of what I do is worthwhile!

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