Progressive Sweeping LIII

It seems like I’m using this format a lot lately. It actually takes a bit more time to post than my regular format. The big reason is because so much of the political news oxygen is being sucked up by the Israel war, and to a much smaller degree by the House fiasco, that many other things are simply not being covered. This is my inadequate attempt at atonement.

It’s Just A Run On The Cheap Diversion

Dennis Kucinich left the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., now independent, campaign and has been replaced by Kennedy’s daughter-in-law who has no experience. This is not and never has been a legitimate presidential campaign. It is a diversion aimed at siphoning off enough votes in one or more swing states to give Trump a plurality but not a majority and thereby the state’s electoral votes. Don’t be fooled!


It has been reported that Arkansas Republican Governor (and Lucky Sperm Cell Club member) Sarah Huckabee Sanders spent $19,000 on a podium from which to spew her right wing mythology and nonsense. When the investigations began the Arkansas GOP suddenly reimbursed the state. This is another one that just doesn’t pass the smell test.

If The Song Fits

A short time ago I wrote that if someone was doing a video on New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez they use the Bangles’ hit, Walk Like an Egyptian, as a soundtrack. As if Menendez wasn’t already in enough trouble, he has been hit with a superseding indictment that charges him as acting as an unregistered foreign agent. I can just here the Bangles’ 1986 hit.

Another Right Wing Myth Disproved

A popular piece of disinformation/lie on the right has been that Joe Biden financed the Hamas attack. Well, the $6 billion in question, (which was Iranian money anyway), never made it to Iran. It is in Qatar where it is now frozen.

Bidednomics Has Another Win

The month to same month annual inflation rate numbers for September came out the other day. They were at 3.7 percent, much better than those of any other major industrialized country. The Fed’s goal has long been 2 percent but most economists deserving of  respect now feel the number should be adjusted upward to 3 percent. Not perfect but not only best in class but getting pretty close to the should be goal.

Responsible Actions?

Unlike most liberals I’m not for a total ban on guns (although I will admit it would be better than the current situation). However, I am very strongly for the responsible handling of firearms. In fact, if you don’t handle – and that very much includes securing – your firearms properly I believe they should be taken away from you permanently, including criminal liability if they are used in a crime. In May a 12-year-old Texas boy killed a Sonic worker who was involved in a dispute with his uncle with an assault style weapon that he lifted from his uncle’s truck. It seems the uncle and nephew were at Sonic when the uncle decided to urinate in public on Sonic property outside of the restroom. The Sonic employee took issue with that.

I Know Enough

I’m not an expert on the fossil fuel industry but I know when something isn’t moving in the correct direction. ExxonMobil just bought a major shale oil giant for $60 billion. ExxonMobil, and similar companies, should be viewing themselves as energy not fossil fuel companies and moving toward the future not investing heavily in the dirtiest, most environmentally harmful and costliest fossil fuel sources. Remember that the only way shale oil is profitable is if the cost of oil (read: gasoline for your car and home heating fuel) is high. Connect those dots and you will see who the culprits really are.

Oh, Georgie Boy!

The New York Republican Representative most commonly known as George Santos was hit with more criminal charges the other day. This time they include identity theft and the unauthorized use of his donors’ credit cards. I’ll stop there; it’s just too easy to mock him!

Well, it’s Monday and I’m sure you have a lot to do so that’s it for today.

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