Progressive Sweeping LI

I have a lot of comments and observations stored up. How many of them can I get to today?

Pennsylcon ?

You would think the Republicans would have learned from the Dr. Oz Pennsyljersey fiasco but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Last week David McCormick announced his candidacy for the United States Senate from Pennsylvania. McCormick lives in Connecticut and flew back there after making his announcement in the Keystone State. There are over 3.4 million registered Republicans in Pennsylvania. Don’t you think with that large a pool the GOP could find one to run for the Senate?

Membership Has Its Privileges

Apparently one of the privileges that accompanies Mar-a-Lago membership is being privy to the secrets of our nuclear submarine fleet. I’m starting to get to the point that I think Donald Trump should be held incommunicado as a national security safeguard.

I’ll Do It First

If the Congressional Republicans keep on their new path of cutting off aid to Ukraine, I’ll be the first to call them the Neville Chamberlain caucus. Not for the first time I will declare that they would be much better served reading rather than banning books.

Gag Order

I remember growing up in a Democratic household but being taught to respect the then Republican President Dwight Eisenhower despite the fact that his philandering was common knowledge in the 1950s. Just last week the immediate past president, Republican Donald Trump, sat in a courtroom as the defendant and had (in my opinion very much of necessity) a partial gag order placed on him. Times have changed and not for the better!


I predict that New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez will, in the not that distant future, end up announcing his retirement at the end of this current term. This is similar to the late Dianne Feinstein retirement announcement. My apologies to the late Senator Feinstein for comparing her to Menendez.

Interesting Timing

Did you realize that Kevin McCarthy’s ouster, which was precipitated by the actions of Trump lieutenant Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, occurred on the same day that Trump’s civil trial in New York commenced? If you doubt that Gaetz took his marching orders from Trump I know some people who have swampland they would like to sell to you.

Trump accomplished two objectives: he punished McCarthy for being loyal to America ahead of being loyal to Trump. The deposing, (first in the nation’s history), sucked up a lot of political news oxygen providing Trump with a convenient distraction. Too convenient to just be coincidence, in my mind anyway.

Best Line Of Last Week

I’m sorry I didn’t get to this earlier but the best line of last week belongs to veterans’ advocate and former Army officer, Paul Reickhoff, who called Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, “Senator Redneck”. I’m torn trying to decide if the line is more humorous or just plain accurate.

He’s Not Cheap

It seems hardly a week passes by lately where at least one new report of Clarence Thomas’ indiscretions don’t come to light. I’ll say this in fairness to Thomas: he may be for sale but he doesn’t come cheap.

Free Advice To 2024 Democratic Candidates

Whenever possible link your Republican opponent to 1/6. The vast majority of voters consider it to be what it really was – an outrageous attempt to overthrow the American government and with it democracy. Time will be against you, but wherever possible challenge your opponent in court. Your case probably won’t get there before the election but it is a winner in the court of public opinion which moves much faster than our justice system.

Shaking My Head On This One

Last week a man armed with a handgun demanded to see Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers. The man was arrested. The man bailed himself out of jail and returned to his quest this time brandishing an assault style rifle. This story illustrates both America’s gun problem and just how stupid the base of the right wing is.

Another Example For His Ultimate Defense

I have long stated that the ultimate defense for Trump will be to plead insanity. Think about it, who can dispute it? Last week he drifted off on a tangent while making a public address and speculated about choosing between electrocuting himself instead of being eaten by sharks. Does that sound like the actions of a sane man let alone very stable genius? Stormy Daniels, who knows the former president intimately, did tell us that he is equally fascinated by and terrified of sharks.

Thanks For The Checks And Balances

Late last month the Republican led House voted to strip the Secretary of Defense of all but $1 of his salary. So much for the strong on military defense reputation of the GOP. Fortunately most members of the Senate act rationally, at least on most days. If this somehow ever made its way through the upper chamber, President Biden would be sure to veto it. I never wore the uniform but even I know that our military is not a plaything.

Dangerous Pockets

A January 6th insurrectionist defendant actually won his mayoral primary for mayor of Derby, Connecticut. Derby is Connecticut’s smallest city, the race went to a recount and it was only the GOP primary but still!

OK, that’s enough for today. Well, the answer to the question posed in the opening paragraph is: not all of them. But I covered quiet a few.

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