Progressive Sweeping L

I have to question myself as to whether the decision to use this format today was one of prudence or convenience. My guess is that it is a bit of both. In any event, here we go.

Good Politics?

If the reports as of this writing are correct California Governor Gavin Newsom will have named Laphonza Butler as the late Diane Feinstein’s replacement in the Senate. This would seem to “cover his behind” by naming a Black woman and still keep him from playing favorites in the pending contest to become her replacement in the 2024 election.

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Wall Street Journal led reporting that Russian spies/saboteurs were operating in Rzeszow, Poland disrupting the supply chain to Ukraine. Russians operating only slightly covertly on the soil of a sovereign nation. Sounds like a story I’ve heard time and again in recent years. Putin has no respect for any other nations’ sovereignty.

A Fire Alarm

It appears that Democratic New York Representative Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm at the same time the Democrats were trying to get the time to read Kevin McCarthy’s CR proposal prior to voting on it on Saturday. (Keep in mind McCarthy doesn’t exactly have a track record of unimpeachable honest.) Assuming Bowman did in fact pull the alarm to buy time (to my knowledge, as of this writing, that is not firmly established) he was wrong. It is that plain and simple. However, in the event’s immediate aftermath the right wing went crazy and two investigations were started almost immediately.

I hate to play whataboutism, but let’s put this in perspective. It is not like actively plotting to overturn the results of the 2020 election. It is not like leading some of the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capital Building on January 6th on reconnaissance trips the day before and during COVID restrictions. It is not like voting against impeaching a president because you lacked the courage to do so. Let’s just keep the “sins” and sought punishment(s) in perspective.

The First Domino?

Last week Scott Hall (or as the Trump campaign called him, “Our man in Georgia”) pled guilty to five counts of conspiracy to commit election interference with regard to his activities surrounding the 2020 election. While he is the first, I predict he will not be the last and all roads lead to Donald Trump. Fani Willis is looking pretty smart after all, isn’t she?

Hail Mary Failed Again

A New York Appeals court declined to delay the Trump fraud trail as another of Trump’s Hail Mary delay attempts failed, this time without even providing a delay. Many judges are getting both aware of and annoyed with his tactics. Donny boy, you are in the big leagues now and some of the judges actually believe in things like the law and justice. You may think you are going to go 91-0 but I doubt that. Also, 91 may well not be the final number. In fact, I don’t expect it to be.

Just How Bad Trump’s Lying Is

New York Supreme Court Justice, Arthur Engoron, issued a summary judgement declaring that Trump committed fraud with respect to his business dealings. He also ordered five of Trump’s attorneys to pay $7,500 fines. The new definition of MAGA – Making Attorneys Get Attorneys?

I Know Enough

JPMorgan agreed to pay $75 million to settle a lawsuit with the Virgin Islands related to the late Jeffrey Epstein. This is after an earlier $290 million settlement agreement with Epstein’s sex trafficking victims. JPMorgan admits no wrongdoing in either case. Where I come from that’s a lot of money to make some nuances go away. How about you?

Another No Surprise!

Russian TV -which is all state (read: Putin) controlled – is now airing Tucker Carlson. I will admit to being old and I remember when the Republican party and the American right wing were anti-Russian patriots. Am I really just that old or did the GOP get taken over?

Oh No, The Truth

Academics and non-profits – both of which are usually anything but deep pocketed – have been backing off on research into Russian interference in the 2016 election because of the threat of lawsuits and other right wing legal actions led by Ohio Republican Representative (and near human) Jim Jordan. Sounds like another Trumpian action to me and why do I feel like Captain Obvious today? Oh, and they are using your tax dollars.

Last No Surprise For Today

The Guardian reported that it has discovered that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on at least two occasions spoke at Koch fundraising events. Maybe we need ankle bracelets to monitor the whereabouts of some of the members of the Supreme Court. If nothing else the reporting would make for some interesting reading.

That’s enough for today, but there is plenty more where the above came from.

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