Progressive Sweeping IX

Today’s is the ninth edition in this “series”. At commencement my only wonder is if it will be sufficient for what’s already waiting in the wings. Let’s get about answering that question.

Clean Slate

Monday morning Americans woke to the news that the United Kingdom had selected Liz Truss as it’s new Prime Minister. I know almost nothing of her so at least she starts with a clean slate in this column. Time will tell.

Bet On Mitch

One of the inside the party Republican battles playing out is between Florida Senator Rick “The Fifth” Scott (as a Trump surrogate) and Kentucky Senator and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. I’m betting on McConnell. McConnell controls his caucus by controlling the purse strings. That said, he still doesn’t want to deal with nutcases. Scott was charged with recruiting candidates and got some doozies! There is also a money battle within the party with Trump spending influence much more freely than money.

Mitch wants to be Senate Majority Leader again but wants controllable and sane “subjects”. He knows that in the “ninth inning” his money can make the difference in many a close race. He will have to chose the least objectionable option(s) if the Trump/Scott candidates haven’t completely blown the races by then.

I’m betting on Mitch. As I predicted, he already outlasted Trump. When compared to Scott at least Mitch never took the fifth 75 times in a single deposition. Especially where Republicans are concerned, this proves that both good and smart are relative terms.


Many say inflation is the cruelest tax. I find it difficult to disagree with that. However, a much crueler situation is the rising prices of inflation coupled with unemployment. The August jobs numbers came out the other day and they showed a net increase of 315,000 jobs.

This was part of a Biden-era pattern. America is working and the labor market participation rate is back up again. It’s not perfect but it beats where we were under the former guy!

Hillary Is Looking More Correct As Time Goes On

Years ago, Hillary Clinton was roundly criticized – laughed at in some circles – for speaking of a vast right wing conspiracy. As time goes on, she is looking more and more accurate.

The 1/6 Committee is yet to hear the voluntary testimony that Ginny Thomas spoke of but has failed to make materialize for months now. Did you really believe her? I certainly didn’t!

Now the Committee wants to hear from Newt Gingrich. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen sans a subpoena and court fights.

In Fulton County, District Attorney Fani Willis wants to hear from Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham, who has never met a news camera he didn’t like, is battling that in the courts.

I could go on but the tactic de jour is obvious: delay in hope that the Republicans take back the House and the White House.

10 Years To Think About It

Trump lost another voter to a felony conviction the other day when former NYPD officer and January 6th terrorist Thomas Webster was sentenced to ten years for his part in the 1/6 insurrection. I just hope he doesn’t end up in Club Fed.

What A Stretch!

The Michigan State Board of Canvassers deadlocked along party lines (how convenient) and refused to allow a referendum on abortion rights to appear on the November ballot. Their issue – which is completely outside their charge – is that the spacing between some words was less than they would like to see.

The issue is headed to the courts. Obviously, the Republican toadies are afraid of the court of public opinion.

A New Definition

The best political joke I have heard recently is the new definition of MAGA: Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.

The Oath Keepers attorney Kellye SoRelle has been arrested and charged for her part in the January 6th insurrection.

Several Trump attorneys have long ago “lawyered up” and it appears a few more may be on that path for their part in the coverup at Mar-a-Lago (which like seemingly all things Trump failed).

Despite right wing mythology to the contrary, Trump was not very good for the economy with one exception, he made for a lot of work for lawyers.

That is enough for today. Expect “episode X” in the near future, perhaps even tomorrow.

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