Progressive Sweeping IV

There is way too much to cover for me to get to it all so let’s get on and I’ll try my best.

History Repeating Or Age Showing?

We are all to a great degree products of our life experiences. One of mine is having lived through Watergate. I’m not the only one who has found similarities between it and the Trump experience. That said, Nixon was a saint compared to Trump and Watergate was a prank when compared to 1/6.

I don’t think we have nearly heard the last of the missing Secret Service texts from 1/6 but it does remind me of the missing 18 minutes from the White House tapes. I never believed Rose Mary Woods and I’m not buying the explanations coming out of the Secret Service.

A lesson I learned in Watergate is that a plausible explanation is not always a truthful one.

Travel Restrictions

I like to boil things down to the basics before I analysis them. Crossing state lines to take advantage of a difference in laws is in the news lately. Republicans want to prohibit people from crossing state lines to obtain medical care if that care includes an abortion. However, they appear to have no problem with crossing state lines to purchase a gun.

You square those circles; I can’t.

Too Many Medical Professionals?

It appears Republicans are well on their way to criminalizing the practice of medicine when it entails adhering to the Hippocratic Oath by utilizing best practices that they don’t like. Am I missing something or do we have too many medical professionals in America? It sounds like the Republicans want to lock them up. If they are successful the best medical care in a red state may be available in a state penitentiary not a hospital. How is that in the public interest?

The UK Is Not OK Today

As I pen this the United Kingdom, along with many other countries is enduring record heat. On Tuesday the temperatures hit 104 degrees. The highest ever recorded and they first started recording temperatures in 1659.

Only about 5% of British homes have air conditioning with good reason. Historically the summer high temperatures in London are in the 70s, and not the high 70s.

Replacement Theory

I live in a red spot in a blue county in a purple state. During my very limited recent ventures into public places, I noticed that most non-whites are wearing masks and I’m one of the few whites (sometimes the only) who is. Maybe the racists have something with this replacement theory thing and they are helping make it a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Just look at the numbers; the pandemic is far from over. My biggest fear is still that we let the virus hang around long enough to mutate into a variant that is resistant to our vaccines and then we are back to square one.

Georgia Fakers

The Georgia fake electors are outraged that they have been declared the targets of a Fulton County special grand jury. Going back to my school days and without aid of looking it up I remember the definition of fraud to be, “The deliberate misrepresentation of a material fact with the intent to deceive.” They certainly misrepresented themselves to be duly elected electors; and it wasn’t an accident. Being an elector is a material fact. They sent the fake paperwork on so that to me is proof of intent. I don’t have a law degree but it sounds pretty open and shut to me.

I’m sure all the Georgia Fakes would portray themselves to be conservatives. How about the conservative principle of taking personal responsibility for your (in this case illegal) actions?

Fighting Back

The Indiana physician that performed the abortion on the Ohio ten-year-old who was forced to cross state lines has taken the initial step to hold Indiana Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita liable for his actions by hiring an attorney.

I’d love to see more of this! Then perhaps Republicans and their facilitators (thinking of you, Fox News) will think twice before spewing lies and causing the criminal repercussion of those lies by their useful idiots. Among other events, 1/6 didn’t happen in a vacuum.

This One Finally Made It

I’ll close today with one tidbit that has been on the cutting room floor for a few months now. Ryan Zinke, who was one of many forced to exit Trump’s Cabinet due to multiple scandals, is running for a seat in the House from Montana and has to be favored to win it. His wife declared that their principal residence is in California.

OK, that gives you enough to chew on until Sunday’s article.

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  1. Two things: Caitlin Bernard (the doctor who performed the abortion for the ten year old) should be suing Fox News as well as AG Rokita.

    Also: Fani Willis for Attorney General of the United States!

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