Progressive Sweeping II

I’m full of opinions and deferred topics today; so here we go.


I’m not the biggest fan of fireworks but I put up with them a lot since moving to the south. They are much more than just a Fourth of July thing here. With the holiday falling the way it did this year there were fireworks over the course of several evenings.

I wonder how many of the people who shelled out a lot of money just to light it on fire and blow it up are the same ones complaining about inflation especially the high price of gasoline which they are incorrectly blaming on Joe Biden. You can connect the rest of those dots but is it any wonder that Trump loves the less well educated?

The Fact Would Have Been Shocking

It would have been amusing if Trump had reached the Capital on January 6th – it was closed to visitors – and demanded admittance only to be turned away and told he was just another citizen there. The building is the home of the legislative branch and under the control of the Speaker of the House as it pertains to admission. The President has no authority to invite himself or anyone else for that matter. I’m willing to bet Trump was not aware of that.

That’s what makes the cry of many of the insurrectionist – The President of the United States, your boss, invited us – so amusing.

How Do You Plan?

The legal principle of stare decisis (settled law) has been all but obliterated by the Supreme Court. How do you plan when you don’t know what the rules will be in the near future? It matters less whether you like the rules or not; it’s a matter of knowing what they are before the “game” starts and that they remain consistent.

I’ll give you a brief example from my coaching days. For a variety of reasons that I won’t bother you with today, I didn’t like the three point shot rule in basketball which was adopted while I was at the college level. It really didn’t matter I just changed my recruiting and got a great three point shooter.

How does a CEO make long term plans when they don’t know what the rules of the road will be shortly down the road? You don’t build a plant for just the next few months like you pick an advertising campaign.

Original Intent?

May I offer one reason why abortion may not be specifically mentioned in the Constitution? It might be because at the time of the document’s drafting abortion was both commonplace and considered personal business in America. Kind of like riding a horse which I don’t recall any mention of either. Both rights were assumed, as was growing crops.

Now His Sanity

One of my frequent subjects is Associate Supreme Court Justice, Clarence “Just give the money to Virginia” Thomas. Mostly I attack his flawed judgement and “ethics”. Today I’m going to question his sources of information and critical thinking ability.

He recently suggested that COVID vaccines were made from the cells of aborted fetuses. Yeah, and Trump won Clarence.

It’s Only Starting

The overreach in the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe is not the end. It is only the beginning if we don’t stop the extreme right wing movement in America. Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (who is under an FBI criminal investigation) has said that he would defend the Texas sodomy law if the Court revisited Lawrence.

Not Peachy For Trump

The Special Fulton County Grand Jury, empaneled at the request of Fulton County DA Fani Williams, has subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani and Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall?

Way To Go Vlad

One of the primary reasons Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine was that he wanted to keep them from becoming a NATO member nation. He didn’t want any more borders with NATO nations. As a result of his illegal invasion Finland and Sweden are a whisker away from membership in the military alliance. Finland has an 830-mile-long land border with Russia.

Vlad, do me a favor – don’t become a Rays fan!

In Other NATO News

In addition to the addition of Finland and Sweden to the alliance the US has announced that it will be permanently basing thousands more troops in Poland, basing two more US Navy warships in Spain and NATO nations have pledged to increase their defense spending measured against their GDP. Can you spell backfired, Vlad?


This one flew largely under the radar but in late June Russia defaulted on its  debt payments. Even without the sanctions less money will be flowing into Russia and at a much higher interest rate.

Before It Left Town

Largely unnoticed, the Supreme Court reinstated Louisiana electoral maps that had been faulted as racially bias. The vote was 6-3 along party lines. We may as well put Rs and Ds after the justices’ names especially when it comes to voting related issues. That is part of why next year’s decision in Moore v Harper terrifies me.

Florida Grocery Shopping

I lived in Florida for about ten of the best years of my life. When I lived there I, like most Floridians, did the bulk of my grocery shopping at Publix. If I visit again, I will never step into a Publix.

Publix has announced that it will favor Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over the children of the state. In DeSantis’ “wisdom” Florida is the only state that did not order a supply of the COVID vaccine approved for children under 5. They were leaving it up to the direct suppliers. Within hours Publix announced it wasn’t going to administer the new vaccine. You connect those dirty dots.

Organization that endanger the lives of babies certainly don’t need my money! Yet, I bet they call themselves pro-life. What a joke!

Well, I let off some steam. Hope that gave you “water cooler fodder”.

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  1. When is someone going to have the gumption to subpoena (much less indict) Donald Trump?

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