Progressive Sweeping I

Finding a title for my cleanup articles is often one of the most difficult things I do. Today I think I finally stumbled on a both good and accurate one. Typical of a progressive, I want to “sweep” issues before the eyes of the public. The other side tends to sweep their sins under the rug and out of the sight of all but the most well informed. While it may be incomplete, it is “good sweeping” (yes, the inspiration for that phrase comes from the late John Lewis), expect to see that title used again and often.


Just before I sat down to pen this a news alert came out that additional security is being requested for members of the 1/6 Committee because threats have spiked. While many on the right are denigrating the Committee and/or downplaying its importance this situation proves they are getting closer to the truth and performing a valuable function.

Remember the man behind the curtain in the The Wizard of Oz told everyone not to pay attention to him.

Run Harry?

I won’t spend a lot of time on the 1/6 hearings today – trust me, I’ll have much to say about them in the future – but an odd thought keeps going through my former political operative mind. In my various duties and capacities, I didn’t have a lot of direct responsibility for recruiting candidates but I always seem to have an eye peeled for a good prospect. I don’t know nearly enough about him to make a final judgement, but I keep thinking Harry Dunn could make a compelling candidate for the right office. I hope the appropriate people are reading today.


It seems I’m continuously harping about the importance of voting. But here is a truism that ranks with, “Is the Pope Catholic?”: Your vote only counts if you cast it. If you are a bumper sticker manufacturer there is a freebie for you.

Child Endangerment

A lot has come out of red states lately about child endangerment. Here is a though I have about the unaddressed child endangerment going on in today’s America. Shouldn’t a parent of an unvaccinated child be charged with child endangerment? If an unvaccinated child dies of COVID shouldn’t their unvaccinated siblings be taken away from those criminal parents?

Texas Madness

The Texas Republican Party came up with a platform that is so outrageous I’d need several columns to do anything even coming close to a complete critique. I’ll just pick on one (and it is far from the most outrageous) plank. They called for a 2023 (interesting choice of an off year, not even mid-term) vote to succeed from the union.

I find Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank entertaining and often read his work. In a recent op-ed he suggested we let them go and even have them take Oklahoma with them. In a utopian sense I’m with Dana.

Economically I think the exit of Texas would be little more than a blip in the American economy. Texas is one of only two former confederate states that actually on net contributes to the funding of the federal government but I feel we would be OK.

In Congress a Texas exit, (could we call it Texit?), would leave the House in Democratic hands in the near term at least. Over on the Senate side it would mean the loss of Ted Cruz and John Cornyn – that sounds good already – and much more likely Democratic control in the future. If they took Oklahoma with them, which is an entirely different issue, that would mean the Senate losses of James Inhofe and James Lankford.

May I have one more please Sir?

A Tragedy That Keeps Getting Worse?

When 19 grammar school kids lie dead it seems like it couldn’t get worse but it does. From the early hours of the tragedy, it was obvious that law enforcement was engaged in a cover-up. I honestly don’t know who, if anyone, to believe completely but evidence continues to come out that the response was inadequate (and I’m being extremely generous in my use of that word!). There is reason to believe that the doors weren’t even locked and if they were the means to get though them was readily available. It appears that nearly 20 heavily armed officers were just outside the classroom door for an extended time period while the shooter remained active and people bled out.

I, for one, await criminal charges and convictions.

A French Omen?

Recently, Emmanuel Macron won a second term as President of France rather comfortably. However, his party lost its outright majority in the French legislative branch. Macron will have to deal with a “coalition majority” which is typical of many countries (not the United States).

The tea leaves, as I read them, are still pretty good. Macron is basically a left leaning centrist and the party with the next highest total of members is a left wing party. So, if anything Macron may have to lean a little more to left wing side.

My bottom line analysis is that many French voters didn’t as much vote for Macron as vote against his outrageous opponent.
While our federal government is structured differently than the French version, this might somewhat of a portend of what Joe Biden will have to deal with after the midterms.

If You Though Reading The French Was Challenging

The Israeli collation government is being dissolved. Even I called that within hours of it being formed. That means that Israel will have its fifth general election in the last three years. No way will I hazard a guess as to its outcome. If we think we are polarized and politically obstinate in America just look at Israel. The fifth time being a charm is far from guaranteed!

Again, incomplete but I certainly didn’t hide.

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