Process Leads To Substance

One of the newest shell games we are getting from the Trump administration is their dodging of answering questions by accusing the media of being obsessed with process while ignoring substance. This is both hilarious and hypocritical. Let’s explore.


Donald Trump ran the most substance free presidential I campaign if not ever, certainly of my lifetime. (I remember 14 of them reasonably well.). Everything was going to be done very easily and very quickly. This from the guy that when he got in office said, “Who knew health care was this complicated? In fact 70 some days into his presidency his most monumental “achievements” are failing to repeal and replace Obamacare along with twice having Muslim bans blocked by the courts. He has however managed to have both (Republican controlled) chambers of Congress along with at least the FBI investigating his administration’s collusion with a foreign power. I’m not being partisan when I say that Americans have less trust in their federal government today than anything since Nixon’s second term. (We all know how that ended.).


One of the criticisms Republicans had of Obamacare was that it was put together in locked rooms, in the middle of the night and rammed down America’s throat. Obamacare was developed over a 14 month period that included several televised hearings and then passed by both chambers of Congress. In a period of 18 days Trumpcare was crafted behind closed doors to the point that Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul went scouring the halls of Congress with a copy machine in tow in search of the document. When he finally located the room where it was locked up, he was denied access to it and then it mysteriously moved. Two of the three House committee meetings were marathon affairs that literally did last into the wee hours of the morning. Finally the bill had to be pulled from the House floor because despite a huge Republican majority in the chamber the Speaker knew he didn’t have the votes to pass the bill. I guess the lesson from this is that process matters on Democratic legislation but not on Republican legislation.


Process mattered when Hillary Clinton was being accused of improperly handling government e-mails. But it doesn’t seem to matter as it is becoming established that White House personally leaked classified information to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes in an effort to reinforce one of their boss’s false tweets. Suddenly who gave Nunes the information is a distraction from the facts in the opinion of the Trump administration.   In the investigation into Clinton’s e-mails numerous Clinton staffers were dragged in for questioning which in the opinion of the Republicans meant they were complicit of committing crimes. Who let Nunes onto the White House grounds and gave him access to the classified documents is suddenly superfluous information. What?


Bill Maher summed it up many months ago when he said Trump was, “A bullshit artist.” Maher is primarily a comedian and I will admit I love his comedic social commentary. At least for the time being Trump is the President and that is anything but a standup comedy gig. We need a leader to handle the serious challenges America faces not a funny hypocrite. Substance is what ultimately matters. Following the process often lets us understand what the substance truly is, Remember the old axiom: Follow the money. It is my prediction that will ultimately be applicable as we look at the organized criminal enterprise we call the Trump administration.


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