There was a lot of pro-life talk from self proclaimed conservatives last week.  In my mind it was mainly hypocrisy in action.

Before I get into the “meat and potatoes”, I have to get one of my pet peeves off my chest. It is all the right wing extremists running around America calling themselves conservatives. In most cases they are anything but and have just hijacked the word to give themselves a veneer of creditability. I am not a conservative but I respect it as a legitimate political philosophy.

Wednesday the Supreme Court held oral arguments in Dobbs, a Mississippi case designed to overturn Roe. All we heard from the right was talk of the sanctity of life. The current GOP is pro-fetus but certainly not pro-life. Their basic philosophy is that once you are actually born you are on your own and they intend to do nothing to help you, in fact in many cases they are a hindrance.

Tuesday there was another shooting incident in an American school. This time it was Oxford High School in Pontiac, Michigan. As of this writing 4 are dead and seven wounded. A fifteen-year-old student took a gun to school which his father had purchased on Black Friday. He discharged 30 rounds and had 18 still in his possession when police took him into custody. The student is being charged as an adult with murder and terrorism offenses.

This is far from the first time that a shooter was too young to purchase a gun and used the improperly stored gun of a parent to kill students. I believe in the Second Amendment. Unlike “conservatives” all 27 words of it not just the last four. With freedom comes responsibility. If you don’t handle your gun storage in a responsible manner then in my mind you should be liable (read: responsible) for ensuing actions. If you facilitate a shooting by, say improperly storing a gun or driving your armed child across state line to the site of unrest you are just as responsible as if you pulled the trigger. You are no different than the getaway car driver in a bank robbery.

This is far from an isolated incident! It has gotten to the point that a mass shooting (in a school or elsewhere) has a difficult time making the front pages or national newscasts. This was the 28th shooting in a school this school year that has resulted in wounding(s) and/or death(s). Think about that for a bit. This shooting occurred in November and while the school calendar varies by locality there is no school that has been in session for 28 weeks at this point. That means we are experiencing school shootings at a rate of more than one per week.

Today’s Republican party defends gun rights to the point of death. That doesn’t sound very pro-life to me. The pro-fetus does dovetail with that stance; you need plenty of targets for the unrestricted guns.

As of this writing it is questionable if we will experience a government shutdown or not. One of the stumbling blocks to a proposed short term continuing resolution is that “conservatives” in the Senate are threatening to block the deal if it includes funding for vaccination programs. COVID-19 is still with us. Note the suffix “19” denotes the year the strain was discovered – 2019. In a few weeks – well less than 28 – we will be in 2022.

I went off on a few (in my opinion related) tangents today. On this site the subject of Sunday articles is more often than not the biggest political story of the week just ended. The shooting in Michigan was certainly not that story; but perhaps it should have been.

Keeping people alive is a conservative value. The common sense to get a life saving vaccine and not make it more difficult for others to do so is a conservative value. Defending the lives of the born is a conservative value. Responsible gun ownership is a conservative value. We have a gun problem in America and the Republican party is perpetuating it!

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