Poor Deceptions

For an administration that tells so many lies you would think they would be talented at it; they are not! Let’s explore.

Last week – yes it was only last week – the White House attempted to cover up Trump’s arguably treasonous remarks in Helsinki – with the would/wouldn’t defense This week it is the “definition” of cash. Tuesday in Kansas City as he spoke to a gathering of his minions, Trump told them, “What you’re seeing and what you hear is not what’s happening.” When speaking about the legitimate press his advice was, “Don’t believe the crap you see from these people.” Mr. President, if you are set on leading the rest of your life as a liar at least get good at it or surround yourself with people competent at lying. Hint: Mike Pence, whose first loyalty is to Mike Pence and will betray you at the opportune time, although a world class straight faced liar he is not enough.

Tuesday night the first of the Cohen-Trump audio tapes was released to the public. When its existence became known last Friday Trump private attorney/mouthpiece Rudy Giuliani declared the tape exculpatory evidence and stated in no uncertain terms that Cohen, not Trump, had suggested paying off a former mistress in cash. The tape clearly proved that the cash payment was Trump’s suggestion. In a matter of minutes a Trump spokesperson said that in Trump’s business “cash” means a check. I have about the same education (except I actually learned something) as Trump and am well aware of about seven economic definitions of money (a/k/a cash). In the vernacular – and Trump is far from a sophisticated speaker – cash means currency. Verdict: lie is not believable. My question is: Is that really the best Trump’s “brain trust” can come up with after having several days to prepare? Remember Trump knew exactly what was on the tape days before the release.

In addition to Giuliani’s lie, early on Trump denied any knowledge of a payoff. While this tape in and of itself may not prove any crime(s) – it is evidence that can be used to help prove several – it definitely proves another Trump lie unless he has paid off so many mistresses he simply cannot keep track of them all. This incident brought back to mind the UCC definition of fraud I was taught back in the ‘60’s – the deliberate misrepresentation of a material fact with the intent to deceive.

Trump may rue the day that Admiral Ronny Jackson “proved” that he isn’t insane; stupidity isn’t a defense in American courts.

Trump is following in the footsteps of the fascist dictators who have preceded him and his current heroes including but not limited to autocrats Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung-un in declaring any news that is negative as “Fake news.” If the masses don’t believe facts it is easy to lead them down the path to destruction. Kim has been able (due to the “accomplishments” of his ancestors) to attain the ultimate level of information control; he simply doesn’t allow communication that he doesn’t control. Trump’s frustration is that many Americans do not listen to Fox News or read Trump apologists’ websites.

One example of the value of sunshine in legitimate media was seen this week. Ivanka Trump shut down her clothing company. The jury is still out on just how complete the shutdown is as far as I’m concerned but it never would have occurred sans media exposure of her use of foreign labor and suppliers along with the misuse of her government position.

I am of the school of thought that if in fact this is a legitimate shutdown it was caused by the negative effect on sales and distribution channels from the media exposure. It is another case of, as Chuck Schumer first said when speaking of the Trump administration, “They only do the right thing after they are caught doing the wrong thing.” In this case about a year and a half later.

Trump started an ill-advised and poorly prosecuted trade war which he of course said was good and easy to win. The most visible victims of it to date are farmers in the Heartland who largely voted for him in 2016. Trump needs them to show up at the polls this fall and vote Republican. In an effort to buy time with them Trump has proposed a $12 billion agricultural welfare program under which the government would buy agricultural products filling the gap that he caused when he destroyed their Chinese market. I see the political rational in this move even though it is totally contrary to traditional Republican orthodoxy. The economic sense of it is quite another thing!

In what is rather meaningless under a Trump administration on Monday White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders announced that Trump is considering revoking the security clearances of six former senior intelligence officers, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Andrew McCabe and Dr. Susan Rice. Most interesting and informative is that Comey and McCabe have the same security clearance as I do – none. There is room for discussion as to whether former senior intelligence personnel should retain security clearances or not. The main justification is that they are resources for severing presidents to call on in times of trouble. Trump doesn’t listen to his own Director of National Intelligence, (why would he when he has Vlad?), Dan Coats who he appointed; does anyone actually think he will listen to any real expert?

In late January of 2017 I placed a decal on the back window of my car which reads, “Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for him!” That is the truth. When this ends I bet a lot of people will express similar sentiments except some of them will not be telling the truth.

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