Policy To Golf

It’s one of those clean up the notepad days. It is Sunday morning as I write this and there is plenty that occurred in the last few days meriting mention. Let’s explore.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I am not planning on watching the game which is not unusual for me. Unless I am hosting or attending a Super Bowl Party I seldom watch the games for the simple reasons that too many are duds and football is not one of my favorite sports. My wife and I hosted many Super Bowl parties when we lived in Florida and my favorite part was cooking with her the day before.

As of this writing President Trump is refusing to do a pre-game interview with this year’s broadcaster NBC. The tradition started with George W. Bush and Barack Obama continued it including interviews with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. Trump is playing Donald Duck (just like with his tax returns). A lot of theories of why have been advanced so here is mine: I think he is afraid to do a one-on-one with Lester Holt. The last time he did one he admitted to obstruction of justice. Having been born in Buffalo I would be remiss to neglect another one. Part of Donald Trump’s beef with the NFL is that they wouldn’t let him buy the Buffalo Bills a few years ago. The word is that there was concern among the owners with the sleaziness of his finances.

Trump loves to brag about the stock market under his leadership. I’m not hearing anything about the 666 point drop in the Dow last week. In truth the stock market is not a good indicator of the economy. It is much more a legal gambling casino for rich boys. Still if you are going to claim responsibility for the ups you have to own the downs.

On the subject of economics Paul Ryan illustrated just how out of touch he is and how little he and the Republicans care about the average American with a quickly deleted tweet last week. Ryan crowed about a story of a woman who received an extra $1.50 in her weekly paycheck as a result of the Trump Tower Tax Cut. That is $78 a year. Is that going to ease the average American’s financial apprehension? I think not. Keep in mind that the $1.50 only lasts for a few years while corporate tax breaks are permanent. My prediction is that a lot of Americans will eventually be asking Trump to show them the money; and it better be more than a temporary withholding break of $1.50.

To reinforce my point that the Trump Tower Tax Cut is a farce perpetrated on the American people I ask the following: If it is such a good deal for the average American why are the Koch brothers spending $20 million dollars on an advertising campaign to “sell” it?

I’d like to advance a twist on Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn Theory and apply it to current domestic policy. Trump unilaterally broke the DACA program. Following that theory it is his responsibility to fix it. He can do it either one of two ways. He can simply rescind his order taking us back to square one (except the tens of thousands already impacted) or he can display some leadership for the first time in his administration and broker a deal whereby Congress fixes it.

Last week the Treasury Department reported that the United States is on track to borrow nearly $1 trillion this fiscal year which is an 84% increase over the last fiscal year. This is caused by a revenue shortfall due to the Trump Tower Tax Cut. Incidentally this means that raising the debt ceiling will be a necessity sooner than previously anticipated. To anyone economically ignorant enough to be surprised by this I have a single word reply: Kansas. As a side note, this is the single largest jump in borrowing as a percentage of the GDP since Ronald Reagan was President.

Trump along with his accomplice Mick Mulvaney have stripped the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) of its enforcement powers against lenders in discrimination cases. Way to protect large financial institutions against average American consumers Mr. President.

The Washington Post obtained draft documents of a Trump administration request to Congress seeking a 72% cut in funding to the Energy Department’s research on clean energy. If Trump has his way chimney sweeps may make a comeback.

Trump tweeted out that the “Nunes Nothingburger Memo” is a clear vindication of him, his campaign and his administration of any collusion or obstruction. Is anyone aware of a remedial reading for senior citizens adult education program in D.C.? Trump is badly in need of one, he may be able to read words, but he certainly is incapable of comprehending them.

I’ll end on a non-political but telling personal note about the President. The Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang did a recent interview with 15 time LPGA champion Suzann Pettersen during which they asked he to describe Trump’s golf game. Her reply was, “He cheats like hell.”

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