Personal Privilege Sunday

Most often the subject of the Sunday article is the biggest political story of the week just passed. This week that is far from the case. It’s my site and my article so I decided to take a point of personal privilege and write about something much, much less important but that I care about.

As a result of a “fast one” pulled by Republican Senator of Florida Marco Rubio and Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, the Senate passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent under unanimous consent. The reality is that they slipped it in via a 14 second transaction with most other Senators simply not paying attention.

Now, neither Rubio nor Sinema are among my favorite Senators but I agree with them on this matter (although perhaps not their method). My body does not respond well to time changes. The week that follows each I am generally a bit out of sync. I simply like daylight saving time because it gets dark later – I’m well passed the point that I have to be home before the street lights come on. At this point in my life the only “family type consideration” is that if I’m watching a grandchild play ball it stays light later.

My wife also vastly prefers it staying light later. That is no small consideration! To be honest there are arguments to be had on three sides in this debate: keep it the way it is, standard time only and saving time only.

The reality is that the Rubio-Sinema fast one is now headed to the House where it appears the groundwork is already being laid for it to die in committee. If it were to pass, I doubt that President Biden would veto it.

There is a very good chance that this will be another one where I won’t get my way. But I certainly won’t if there is no public outcry or lobbying effort. This much is certain, at this point don’t set your watch on it happening this go-round.

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