Pardon My Distracted State

I missed a lot of tidbits I wanted to comment on in the recent past. There are others developing seemingly constantly.  I’ve been a bit distracted in the last week.  It’s not every day that the sitting President of the United States assembles an anarchist mob in Washington and then dispatches them to attack the Capital Building while both chambers of the Congress are in session.  In fact it has never happened before.  As I begin what is sure to be an incomplete journey to catch up on recent events I invite you to come along. 


As I commence writing this the House of Representatives has yet to convene. By the time you read this it is all but certain that Donald Trump will be the first President of the United States to be impeached twice.  This time the impeachment will be bi-partisan to at least a small degree.

In the Donald Dome he is being impeached for, “Totally appropriate,” remarks as opposed to, “A perfect phone call”. Trump is like a defendant who would steal the judge’s gavel during his own trial and then claim he was railroaded.

I Wish I Could Remember Who Said It

Early in the Trump presidency I recall someone on a political talk show panel saying that when the end came for Trump it would be all at once (or words to that effect). I cannot remember who it was if I did I would gladly give the deserved attribution here and now.  That seems to be occurring and the pace of it will undoubtable accelerate by the time this is published.

The resignation of three Cabinet secretaries Elaine Chao, Betsy DeVos and Chad Wolf is significant and didn’t happen in a vacuum.   In the House one of the “defections” is Liz Cheney who is the number three Republican in that chamber and her family is “Republican royalty”.  In the Senate word leaked from his office that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is at least somewhat pleased with the second impeachment effort.  The word around Washington is that nothing leaks from McConnell’s office unless he wants it to leak.

On the business front entities are running from anything that says Trump. The PGA and the City of New York are perhaps the most prominent among them.

Most social media outlets have banned Trump and many of his associates. For all those on the right wing shouting that this is a violation of Trump’s First Amendment rights I suggest you find someone with average or above reading comprehension to read the First Amendment and explain what it actually says to you.

I’m sure I forgot several more examples but it appears the rats are leaving the sinking ship and Trump’s reign of intimidation is over.

I keep going back to Rick Wilson’s words, “Everything Trump touches dies.”

An Inside Job

As the events of January 6th unfolded it increasingly astounded those familiar with the Capital Building how easily that it was breached and how the domestic terrorists were finding their way around.  How much of an inside job this was became a topic of discussion.  I’ll invoke Nance’s Law – coincidence takes a lot of planning.

The Sargent at Arms of both chambers along with the Chief of the Capital Police all resigned. The FBI has offered proof that it warned Capital law enforcement prior to the incident.  There will be more investigations but it is already established that the response to pleas for help were ignored and/or slow walked by the Executive Branch.

The reports are in their infancy but there is reason to believe that at least three Republican House members (Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar of Arizona along with Mo Brooks of Alabama) were involved in the planning of the attack and members of Congress led ”reconnaissance tours” of the building on January 5th.

The Pandemic

I know back in November Trump said after the election nobody would be talking about the pandemic – he lied. I’ll be brief but I just want to do a little rundown.

Over the past five days the 14 day rolling average has been in the plus 30-40% range. I am keeping the daily tally since November 10th and in fairness it has been in the negative – one day at 1%.  It has not gone away nor is it getting better.

If you prefer to look at deaths we have over 380,000 at this writing and it will be a photo finish as to whether we exceed the 405,000 American World War II deaths before the inauguration.


I make a lot of predictions in this column. One was that there would be live fire on the streets of Washington on Inauguration Day.  Another was that the days between Trump’s election loss and Inauguration Day would be the most dangerous in American history.  I hoped I would be proven wrong but it’s not looking that way.  I may well have been proven correct on the latter already and yet I fear the worst is yet to come.

I could and perhaps should write more but I ate breakfast before I started writing and I’d prefer to digest not vomit it.

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