Myth Dispelled (Again)

Fox News, (I think I’m going to have to start putting the word “news” in scare quotes when preceded by “Fox”), was the first to selectively tell the story in “shock”. A few days back the child poverty rate for 2022 was publicly reported. In 2021 it was a historic low of 5.2%, in 2022 it skyrocketed to 12.4%. The right wing media immediately and dramatically implied that Joe Biden was the cause. Sarcastically I’ll say, “Not exactly!”

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I just added Doppelganger by: Naomi Klein to the Recommended Reading List.  This is not the straight forward book the title implies.  It explores life, especially in the pandemic era, from various perspectives.  In part, Klein again proves to be a “poor man’s Malcolm Gladwell”.

If it doesn’t make you laugh, shake your head and be frightened check your pulse.

The GOP: The Party That Refuses To Save Itself

Ken Paxton has been returned to the office of Attorney General of Texas by a bunch of cowardly Republican Texas State Senators. Donald Trump was not rendered ineligible for public office by a bunch of cowardly Republican United States Senators. See the pattern? I can’t predict exactly how or when but the GOP will either go the way of the Whigs or be unrecognizably transformed. The question is whether they will be the vehicle of their own salvation or, as they have been to this point, collaborators in a political suicide.

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A House Caucus Divided

WARNING: In order to accurately quote a member of Congress one phrase herein contained violates my self-imposed PG rating constraint.

It will seem like I’m citing several different things as the core story today. In reality it is all about the dysfunction of the House Republican caucus and its detrimental effect on America.

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