Outrage Cleanup

My problem continues to be not finding a story but deciding which not to cover. That is how bad the Trump administration is. Today is another catch up day where I want to cover several topics briefly. It is getting to the point that I am seriously considering making this a weekly feature.

John Kelly entered the White House Chief of Staff role with high expectations from most. I figured he wouldn’t make much difference because Reince Priebus wasn’t the problem; Donald Trump was and still is the problem! (I’m far from a charter member of the Reince Priebus Fan Club; I’m just a realist.) Aside from firing Anthony Scaramucci he has not improved the White House one bit. It is as dysfunctional, deceptive and leaky as ever. What Kelly has managed to do is ruin his reputation by selling out to defend an organized criminal enterprise masquerading as an administration. He lied about a sitting member of Congress and when videotapes proved him to be incorrect he didn’t even apologize. What happened to the concept of an officer and a gentleman? He then spouted revisionist history worthy of an ignorant white supremacist. John Kelly entered 2017 widely respected; he will not exit it that way.

Donald Trump, Jr. has been proven to have been exchanging emails with WikiLeaks. We have reached a point where the only defense the Trump campaign and transition team can offer to the charge of conspiring with the Russians during the 2016 campaign and transition is that they were too incompetent to have known what they were doing. That is not a legal defense even though right wing “genius” Steve Bannon has already offered it.

Despite a report coming out of the Trump administration’s executive branch EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is continuing full steam ahead to block, rescind (where possible) and not enforce environmental regulations. There is a business term: ROI which stands for return on investment. The concept is both simply and applicable to politics. I’ll let my readers connect the dots on this one.

President Trump has personally interviewed candidates for 4 (and only these four) of the 93 open federal attorney spots. The four are the Southern and Eastern districts of New York along with D.C. and the Florida district that just happens to cover Mar-a-Lago. The New York districts cover Trump Tower and the areas of New York City where the Kushner family operates. D.C. of course includes the White House. No President in memory has ever interviewed a prospective federal attorney. It must be my liberal bias and imagination working overtime. It couldn’t possibly be that our President was up to something, or more specifically attempting to preemptively cover something up.

Trump has nominated Brett Talley for a federal judgeship in Alabama. The 36 year-old Talley has only practiced law for three years and has never tried a case. His additional “qualifications” are writing horror stories and blogging. His real qualification appears to be that he is married to the Chief of Staff for the White House Counsel. Yes, that means his wife effectively works for Trump. Interestingly Talley never disclosed that fact to the Senate Judiciary Committee in the written material he gave them. He is creative in his use of language having called Hillary Clinton, “Hillary Rotten Clinton”; how cute. He also has called for the public to rally around the NRA who are victims of a left wing that is exploiting the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. By the way, the American Bar Association agrees with me, they rated Talley “Not qualified”. In a normal administration with an objective Senate that alone would kill a nomination. I’ve been tough on Alabama of late, but even Alabama has to have a better candidate than Talley.

It just became public in the last few days, but back in August the Army lifted its ban on accepting waiver application for potential recruits with a history of mental disorders. I don’t know about you but I’d feel much more comfortable working with women, homosexuals or transgender persons than with armed people with mental issues. Trump is the Commander-in-Chief; it seems like his values are different than mine.

The Washington Post recently reported that business is booming at Trump resorts. I for one do not find that surprising. Booking a corporate outing at a Trump resort is a great way to “launder” a payment. Similar to staying and dinning at a certain hotel in Washington bearing his name is. Let’s say you were in the corporate prison business and you just by chance decided to run a major function at a Miami-area golf resort owned by Trump. After all Miami has a nice airport that is easy to get to and the weather is almost always conducive to a round of golf. The fact that Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions just happened to rescind an Obama-era plan to phase out the use of corporate prisons by the federal government wouldn’t have factored into the decision. Our “mythical” event was held in October at Trump National Doral and the company is the GEO Group.

Perhaps the biggest outrage I have not previously written about was what happened in the Senate on October 24th. Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie breaking vote to pass H. J. Res. 111 which rescinded a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulation eliminating arbitration clauses from many consumer contracts. Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John Kennedy of Louisiana joined the Senate Democratic Caucus in voting against the bill. Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren described it best when she called it, “A giant wet kiss to Wall Street.” Pence didn’t act independently. This was a directive from Trump who would like his minions to believe he is defending them.

In today’s article I cleaned out my notes to a great degree. I look forward to the day we clean out the White House by removing Don Trump and his crew!

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  1. You wonder why Alabama couldn’t come up with a better nominee than Brett Talley? Does the name Roy Moore mean anything?

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