Other Than Impeachment And The Primary

It seems like all the political oxygen in the room these days is taken up by the impeachment and the Democratic primary. Today I’d like to touch on a few things happening to a great degree in the background. Let’s explore.

Mina Chang has resigned. She is the poster child for the Trump administrations lack of vetting in hiring. Ala Trump, part of her resume was a fake Time magazine cover and that appears to be the final “nail in her coffin”. I guess this is a case of what’s good for the boss isn’t allowed in the subordinate.

Reports are that President Trump is desperately seeking a third meeting/photo op with North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un. Kim rejected the plea citing it as a waste of his time. Just think about that one for a minute.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that Israeli West Bank settlements don’t violate international law. There are a more than a billion people in this world who disagree with that. This is one of the hot button issues in the Middle East. How can America be viewed as an honest broker in the region after taking these types of positions? But then again the extended Trump family does have Israeli financiers who hold the same opinion. If it’s good for the Trump extended family’s bottom line who care about American interests or peace? Obviously not Trump.

The administration was about ready to announce restrictions on vaping products when the boss did an about face canceling the draft regulations and their announcement. Even without recent health occurrences all you have to do is look at a person vaping to know that it can’t possibly be good for their health. Reportedly Trump did his about face because political advisors told him the policy would hurt him among vaping MAGA people in a few key swing states. There is too much to unpack here for this article. I’ll let you connect all those dots.

The controversy around the $10 billion JEDI contract refuses to die. Now Amazon is asking that the Defense Department review it citing an, “Unmistakable bias”. Trump runs the executive branch and Jeff Bezos owns Amazon. Bezos also owns the Washington Post and has had an open dispute with the National Enquirer which is run by Trump’s buddy David Pecker. I’m not qualified to determine who should have received the contract but the number of dots here is astounding.

Some nine days after the Kentucky Governor’s election Republican Matt Bevin finally conceded. Why the delay? The answer is money in politics. I know both sides began raising money within hours of the polls closing. Today many fundraisers are professional who get a cut of the take so they look for any excuse to hit people up for a few bucks.

In 2015 then candidate Donald Trump appeared on Steve Bannon’s radio show (it seems like ages ago) and said. “I have a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major building in Istanbul. It’s called Trump Towers –two towers, instead of one.” He went on to praise Turkish strongman Erdogan calling him, “A strong leader.” Remember part of what Michael Flynn has pled guilty to is lobbying for Turkey while serving as Trump’s original National Security Advisor. With that in mind give recent events on the Turkish – Syrian border another thought.

While the statute of limitations has expired on many of Trump’s alleged sexual assaults women have found a way to still try to hold him accountable. Writer E. Jean Carroll is suing Trump for defamation of character for what she contends are his lies about her. He may have gotten away with raping her but perhaps not with defaming her character. By the way, she is not alone in seeking justice via this method.

Earlier this month Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar proposed a new rule that would repeal Obama-era LGBTQ protections with regard to adoptions. Under the Trump/Azar plan adoption agencies would be able to receive federal funds while refusing to work with LGBTQ people seeking to adopt children. If you, like me, think this is an outrage I need to go no further. If you think this is the American way I suggest you get a real education.

If you have any doubt that climate change and rising sea levels are real I suggest you ask the denizens of Canada’s Magdalen Islands – the islands are disappearing under the rising sea. FYI: parts of Alaska are experiencing the same thing.

That’s far from everything but it is enough for today. I guess it’s time to get back to impeachment hearings and debates.

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  1. And now there is a rising chorus of calls for the resignation from the White House of the little neo Nazi Stephen Miller…the architect of the family separation and incarceration policies at the US/Mexico border.

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