For some time now I’ve described the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. With due respect to real mobsters and in view of last week’s 1/6 Committee hearings perhaps I need to put scare quotes around the word organized.

There was something resembling organization and Trump, as always, refused to do any work for himself, just how good the game plan was is quite another story! Especially as a former college level assistant basketball coach, I found the recruiting appalling!

I was among the skeptical in the run up to the hearings expecting them to disappoint. Was I wrong! Chairman Bennie Thompson started out reminding me of Neil Diamonds song, Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. Soft and slow but when he went to videos the “earthquake” happened. If you gave him ten minutes he had you hooked. When Liz Cheney’s turn came she almost made you forget about Thompson, she was that good.

The Committee laid out its case that the event was largely planned, part of a (as they claimed they will prove) seven part game plan to overturn the results of a free and fair democratic election and take over the American government ending American democracy.

Videos of the events dispelled any claims that the events of the 6th were really nothing more than a love fest of tourists and normal political discourse. I’ve been to countless political and civic meetings over the years and never once have I seen a police officer assaulted.

Spontaneity was equally dispelled by the British filmmaker (appearing under subpoena) who was imbedded with the Proud Boys. On the morning of the 6th they did a reconnaissance run around the Capital commencing at about 10:30 then instead of going to hear Trump speak they went to lunch, timing their return to Congress’ schedule not Trump’s speech, to begin the assault prior to the Trump, Brooks, etc. inspired crowd arriving to provide at least the illusion of reinforcements. In reality they were useful idiots to back up the already on the scene useful idiots.

On the evening of the 5th the leaders of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, another far right domestic terrorist group, met in a parking garage to coordinate for the next day. Now let’s step back for a minute and think about this. You are going to commit various crimes and you allow a documentary journalist and his film crew to accompany you not only while you commit the crime but in a pre-crime meeting. This is where I have to apologize to real mobsters. They would never have reporters and camerapersons accompany them to a planning meeting or a robbery. They, unlike Trump and his minions, are pros. The Don never pulls the job and even his lieutenants have a crew of often less skilled do it. But the Don and his direct underlings do a much better job of recruiting skilled “players”. Trump has a history of recruiting useful idiots with the heavy emphasis on idiots and their usefulness proves to be rather dubious. Keep in mind that like almost all Trump ventures 1/6 was ultimately a failure.

The lack of success is not a defense. If you try to rob a bank and are not successful you are still guilty of a felony. Lack of skill or accomplishment is not a get out of jail free card.

Now that brings me to a discussion of what the Committee is up to. Its charge is to investigate the incident and make recommendation for legislation that will prevent, or at least vastly reduce the possibility of, it ever happening again. It’s first audience is the Congress who would have to pass any changes to laws and or procedures.

In addition to the legislation, influencing the American public’s vote is in my opinion more crucial. The perpetrators (elected officials and those appointed to high positions) who were involved in various phases and along with their apologists all come from one political party – the Republican party. Electing more enablers will not help!

Finally, I refer to crimes committed. The 1/6 Committee has no legal jurisdiction to pursue or punish criminal offenses. The Justice Department does. The Committee is presenting the evidence to the Justice Department on a “golden platter”. Understandably Justice is reticent to prosecute political figures from a former administration. On the surface it can appear to be political and make us look like a third world country. What does storming the Capital look like? If Trump is to be returned to office in 2024 – and at this point, that is a possibility – it will be the end of American democracy as we know it. He will never leave the office alive – I’m not in any way talking about or advocating an assassination! That would only be counterproductive and turn him into a hero.

We cannot allow anyone, regardless of office, to be the head of a plot to conspire against the Constitution and the people! Trump and his henchmen, especially those at the top, need to be arrested, tried and incarcerated.

Keep in mind this was just the “pilot episode”. I’ll be watching the next “episode” tomorrow morning. Will you? If not, will you be catching up later in the day? If not, don’t bother visiting here again just go over to Fox News and bury your head in the sand; eventually the forces of evil will get your other end and with your head in the sand you won’t even see it coming. The result of the willful ignorance of a useful idiot is temporary bliss.

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