Organized Immorality

A few weeks ago Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the following about the Trump administration, “They only do the right thing after they are caught doing the wrong thing.” I have repeatedly described the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. As you read on please keep those two things in mind.

Just days ago I joined many others in evaluating Trump’s first 100 days. While I never actually gave him a letter grade; had I it would have been a big fat “F”! There is an area where Trump has eclipsed all his predecessors combined: personal and family enrichment. Trump and family are getting rich by using the office for personal gain.

The setup was obvious when Trump refused to release his tax returns and did not either sell off or place his assets in a (real) blind trust. His past practice has been to use other people’s money to make money. In the past it was gullible investors and sub-contractors who he could bully. Now his con has expanded to include almost all of America’s taxpayers. The beauty of this con is that as long as enough people go along with him, those who see through his actions are powerless to stop him.

The most recent example was revealed by Reuters who reported that son-in-law and White House Advisor, Jared Kushner’s sister Nicole Meyers was using the lure of EB-5 visas to entice Chinese nationals to invest a minimum of $500,000 in a Kushner family project. In her presentation she prominently mentioned that the project was important to the entire Kushner family and that her brother was an advisor to President Trump a picture of whom was one of the slides in the presentation. Legal? Yes. Moral? I’ll let you be the judge. Did it help convince investors? You bet!

The State Department’s official website (which American taxpayers pay for) recently advertised daughter and White House Advisor Ivanka Trump’s new book. After the news media reported that fact, it was taken down. What did Senator Schumer say again? I guess that’s better than White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway doing a free TV commercial for Ivanka’s clothing line. Or is it?

Staying with the State Department’s website, twice it has promoted Trump owned properties as “alternate White Houses”. Those free ads, (that American taxpayers pay for), have been taken down, but only after the State Department was called out on them. Right again Senator Schumer! Trump frequents Trump owned and branded properties from which he and his family profit. Every movement of a President is news and gets wide coverage. How much in free advertising is he getting while the American taxpayers pick up the tab for the goods and services he consumes on those trips, not to mention the security.

In the interest of brevity I’ll just touch on tax reform. In today’s Republicanspeak it is tax reform. In English (and reality) it is a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans; Trump and family are certainly among them. They peddle the “we’ll make it up in volume argument”. They claim under their plans the economy will grow at a rate of 3 to 6% annually. That is simply unrealistic and not supported by history. Currently the economy is growing at a rate of about 1.6% with first quarter 2017 numbers coming in at 0.7%. However they are loading every proposal (including Trumpcare) with tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans claiming the mythical trickle down that will make us all rich. Don’t count those chickens yet unless your surname is Trump or Kushner.

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain and don’t fall for the grand delusions! Like all organized criminal enterprises this one is designed to benefit a very few and you are not part of that group. To Trump and friends greed beats morality!

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