Only We Can Stop The Madman

The actions of Donald Trump have gotten progressively more dangerous during his time in office. Monday he proved he is a madman and must be stopped. The Cabinet (what a joke!) won’t do it. Congress failed to and the blame lies with exclusively one political party. Only the voters can do it and we must. Let’s explore.

For the last week the country has been gripped by demonstrations against another police murder of an African-American in their custody. A few days back they even forced “tough guy” Trump to go hide in the White House basement. (Remember when Trump mocked Bernie Sanders for giving up the microphone at a 2016 rally? Trump claimed they would never take the microphone from him; the implication was that unlike Sanders he was too tough. The reality is that Sanders did not have a security detail at that rally. Trump had a private security force before he was afforded Secret Service protection.) Trump is a tough guy in the mold of Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani; spoiler alert: none of them are tough.

Monday Washington D.C. had a 7pm curfew. Most of the day a peaceful protest was taking place at Lafayette Park, which is across from the White House. At 6:38pm under orders from the executive branch the police attacked the lawfully and peacefully assembled who were exercising their right as guaranteed by the First Amendment. (The other day I commented that the right had finally discovered the existence of the First Amendment but I guess their discovery is selective.) That attack was unconstitutional, expensive and downright un-American. Trump views the Constitution as an inconvenience that is too long for him to read anyway; it takes about 30 minutes or less. Trump didn’t care about the cost; it was taxpayer money, not his. Trump can embrace all the flags he wants to but I have still seen no evidence that he cares about America and plenty to the contrary.

In his Rose Garden address, as the sound of flashbang grenades could be heard in the background, Trump spoke of being a law and order president. If you want to be a law and order American president the first law you have to respect is the Constitution of the United States of America. Fortunately for Trump in 2016 Bubba recognized the phrase law and order from Republican nominees as the dog whistle for racism that it is. (Think Nixon and Reagan in particular; both were racists and terrible presidents.)

During that same speech Trump talked (in his usual word salad) of turning the American military on the American people. Trump all but declared war (a power he doesn’t have but I’m sure thinks he does) on America. Trump is a clear and present danger to the survival of an America resembling anything like what the country I grew up and old in looked like. The American military is supposed to protect the American people, not attack them.

The purpose of the attack on the crowd in DC was to clear the path for Trump to take a walk for a photo-op in front of St. John’s Church. During it Trump (obviously uncomfortably and unfamiliarly) held a bible in front of the church’s marquee. If there is a heaven Trump will certainly be denied entry. I’m certain there will be a very low tolerance of hypocrites. American politicians always like to say that the American voters are smart. Few, if any, truly believe that. Trump actually banks on the gullibility of his base.

The Founders left us with one final solution to the danger of a tyrannical, incompetent, corrupt and unpatriotic president: VOTE!!!!!!!

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