Only Somewhat Out Of Sight

Some years ago, Hillary Clinton was ridiculed when she said there was a vast right wing conspiracy. Today she is proven to be substantially correct. There is a vast far right wing conspiracy, including in America, and it is pretty much hiding in plain sight.

I ran across an article in the New York Times entitled A Nerve Center for the Right Rises in Washington by Robert Draper. I don’t know that anything in the New York Times can be labeled obscure, but it certainly wasn’t prominently featured. Mr. Draper’s wasn’t the first or only reporting on this issue; but his is the most comprehensive I have run across to date. I certainly recommend it to my readers.

While the American voters successfully purged Donald Trump and his minions from the White House in the 2020 election, they have far from folded their tents and gone underground. In fact, they are gearing up for a second act which I, among many others, are not confident American democracy will survive in the event that it occurred. They are only slightly out of sight and that is because, for a variety of reasons, most Americans don’t pay attention to politics except near election time.

It appears that the main organization is going by the misleading name of the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI). It is headed by Jim DeMint who started it in 2017 shortly after his ouster as head of the Heritage Foundation. (Just how zany do you have to be to get ousted from that Heritage?) Wait, there’s more! A week after he left the White House Mark Meadows came on board at CPI at a very high six figures salary. Speakers at a recent CPI event included Trump Cabinet alum, Ben Carson and Florida Republican Representative Byron Daniels.

There is an investment principle of diversification in the avoidance of risk. The radical right wing in America is diversifying in the avoidance of accountability. “Offshoot groups” of CPI include: the American Accountability Foundation, the Center for Renewing America, the Compass Legal Group, the American Creativity Network, and the Personnel Policy Operation. The idea is that the authorities could take down one without the entire network collapsing. In that event they will simply “transfer assets” and missions. They have already folded one offshoot. You have to wonder just why.

When not on the government payroll the troops have to go somewhere and eat. In addition to DeMint and Meadows, familiar names associated with this group include Stephen Miller, Cleta Mitchell and Kash Patel.

Their assets include real estate. Several luxury buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington have been purchased by the group.

These organizations portray themselves as conservative. Conservative and crazy are not synonymous terms. Unless you believe their malarkey that is.

These people intend to return to power in Washington in January of 2025 with Donald Trump and hit the ground running. Trump talks of being a dictator only for Day One. If you believe that please tend to the unicorns on your roof. Furthermore, with the right crew in place – and they are being assembled – we will never recognize Day Two or beyond.

I expect disinformation in the 2024 campaign that we have never seen the likes of, much of it domestic in origin. Look for who is sponsoring and/or funding the messages. Don’t be fooled by patriotic and/or noble sounding names. Remember the official name of North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is neither democratic nor a republic.

Most of all please cast an informed vote!!!!!!

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